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Beauty will save the world or what will lead “Acceleration“ to?

the Movie “Acceleration“ (the Republic of South Africa, the USA, 2015) showed superhuman opportunities of the woman which forced it to live under own laws leading nowhere.

Alex Farradey is the beautiful, clever, freaky, ruthless woman possessing good sports preparation. Despite fragility, she owns unique physical force which she shows as in hand-to-hand, and strategically guerrilla fights. It is stronger than large men that first it seems doubtful, but gradually get used: things do happen. It is necessary, so it is necessary.

East practicians say that special concentration of spirit can develop unknown physical force. And the girl`s persecutors are probably not too concentrated at the work. Even intellectual multiple-pass maneuvers, eventually, Alex are successful better, than to persecutors. Too, by the way, superprepared and artful. In it it is believed more, than in physical force. The movie - about special skill of spirit and will. Here it is also shown against not too skillful bandits.

Alex is in hiding: the final robbery passed with blots. It “lit“ the face because sins of the past dulled vigilance. The soul woke up and began to howl in the most inopportune moments. And it is not its only problem.

Alex is the witness to the crime executed by mercenaries of the international syndicate whose leader - certain Mr. Washington. He is artful, heartless, maneren, but respects professionals. Even during tortures it is gallant and faultlessly dressed. Fight with it is possible only to death. Alex can rescue only good luck and acceleration.

Such is a plan of creators of the movie. It gathers acceleration. On the road rescues a family of the died partner. In communication of women all is difficult. Emotions overflow reason, disturb not only to action, but also acceleration. However the united women - are more artful than any mafia.

It is strange that on screens there are not enough movies about women`s mafia so far. Possibly, there are no worthy scenarios for them. Women are content with roles of girlfriends of leaders or single membership in a superabrupt men`s team. Screenwriters do not have imagination or spirit yet to oppose the women`s mafia organization to the world man`s evil, for example. Amazons still strongly inspired nobody. But nothing, women already accelerate.

In “Acceleration“ there are a lot of stamps - the viewer already somewhere not once saw both such pursuits, and such receptions, and such questioning penetrating glances, and evacuation of corpses in improvised packing. Many times listened to “heart-felt“ tediousness, false assurances and psychological unconvincing influences. The viewer will be visited more than once not only a deja vu, but also by feelings that cine pursuits could be more convincingly, and more interestingly. In places happens boringly, monotonously and senselessly. But the movie is extended by Alex.

Benefit performance of Olga Kurylenko who played a leading role took place in what on the beautiful, dexterous woman winning everything - both in mind, and in skill, and in cunning, it is pleasant to watch. At least at cinema to see female not helplessness. Alex is strong the confidence which sometimes fine looks like recklessness. But the viewer behind recklessness also goes to cinema. In his life it is enough, it is better to observe it from the screen.

In the final Alex followed a way of rescue of mankind. She declares war to world terrorism that unambiguously pleases and will provide to the movie good hire and possible continuation. The global evil has to frown, it will not be left alone. Against it “Acceleration“ is begun.

Director: Stephen S. Kampanelli.

Actors: Olga Kurylenko, Morgan Freeman, James Purefoy, Karl Taning, Jenna Saras, Marianne Frizell, Brendan Murray, Li Raviv, Daniel Fox, E. M. Frederik.