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The daughter of the real man, or When blossoms buddleya? Part 2

When to me was presented by buddlea seeds - the hardy, tall flower similar to a dry lilac, I also remembered this history. It was told to me by my grandmother - imperious, even despotic woman who very strictly treated people, did not suffer also a shadow of objections, but fed invariable geniality for the woman, thin, sharp on language, living in the neighboring house.

I stood. The grandmother was not inclined to vast speeches. But oblivny summer evening so indulged the heated handrail of a balcony and the grandmother`s hand which is unusually put on a lap. The folding little table was covered with a carpet cloth, in small pear-shaped glasses the velvet poured tea, the melon was gilded on a figured dish. Rest embraced soul, evening lilac rest when there was no wish to think of anything but only to look in the dying-away tender sky.

- It from a good family, - quietly began the grandmother. - Speak, her ancestor was some prince, but I do not know it precisely. The father died early, she lived with mother. Mother was ill, looked after her, in marriage, when her time was, did not leave. And at the girl that? Though beautiful though the plain woman - at any is the time. And you will pass it, and roses on your cheeks will wither. You think, still you will be in time, only destiny as you will not seize a horse for uzdets - your time leaves. Be you a belle. Youth for the woman - a great cause, remember it always.

Well, it here lived till thirty years, or even more it was. Mother, feeling that she not for long remained to her, began to ask supposedly marry, give me finally for luck yours to admire and die quiet.

She refused and character at her difficult, everything that thinks, says directly, but some relatives or acquaintances tried, decided to acquaint with the man her years. And it seems everything well developed, began to say about a wedding. Good she had mother, simple as rejoiced, the poor thing. Home called in total me, opened a chest, showed that it for the daughter prepared in a dowry, and sentenced: “If only to good served if only to good“.

And month for two to a wedding engagement fell apart. Now, of course, a lot of things were forgotten, but then noise such was made. Said that it seems it still met someone, and took this groom just for a ride. I the first told that she will never believe it. Not such it person. Here something else was.

And it appeared. It is difficult to surprise me, I in life saw everyone, but here thought: correct maid and clever! Only this mind will not bring happiness to it.

It appears, here is how was. She felt suddenly badly. Both temperature, and weakness, and cough, and became thin even more. Well the girl before a wedding, here also mother sick as you will not grow thin, of course, worries.

But went just in case to the doctor. Also it appeared, unfortunately, - tuberculosis at it opened. However, in an initial stage, yet not infectious. It was possible to treat in house conditions. Of course, was upset terribly. And in general it was sick to look at mother: what people will tell how now with a wedding.

But there is nothing to do, the groom should have told it like it is everything. He, of course, grieved at once, began to console that nothing, not fatally, it is treated, and all of them will overcome together.

But, probably, she felt something in the opinion of it. Then told me. Not mothers, and me. Sometimes happens that the stranger will understand better, than native.

The fear and fastidiousness flew in his eyes. And zatravlennost. Inconveniently! The rascal - that nobody does not want to be. Also she understood, in the same second understood that she is not desired to it, it is not loved both it was never loved, and only one he wants - to be turned out somewhat quicker from this, so that also good to remain, and from the sick bride to run where far away.

She smiled and transferred conversation to something else. And in several days, knowing that the groom has to come to them on a visit, invited the neighbor - the student from the apartment opposite. As if in order that helped it to deal with the iron. And the door specially half-opened left. Mother in the room was, it seldom left it.

And here that minute when steps on a ladder were heard and the groom entered the house with a grid of fruit, it sharply turned to itself the poor student and strong embraced him!

- Yes you that?! - I did not keep.

- Yes! Wai, that here began! The student blinked, all red, understood nothing. The groom shouted that here: he thought that his bride - the pure girl, got sick, she should help to support, and she, unscrupulous, such - syaky, appears, here in what is engaged! And he - that prayed on it! And that his leg in this house will not be. Then threw fruit on a floor, kicked a door and escaped.

And she hardly considerably smiled. And when there was mother and began to cry, she laid her hands to the heart and told that so it was necessary.

And the student, having recovered, asked that it was? And she answered that she just presented to the person freedom.

The grandmother cunning closed the eyes partly. Evening from lilac became ink so her face seemed black.

- Scandal was, of course, big. Even aunts of this groom came, damned it, on a threshold spat. But then everything abated. This her groom quickly married then, children at him, heard, were born, two boys. And it … She was treated, recovered. However, did not marry. And lived with mother. Then one. Good it. You, look, always greet it as you will meet.

- I greet.

- And this bush beautiful what at it under a window grows, you know how grew? - without paying attention to me, the grandmother continued. - At them the small bush of these flowers grew, but did not blossom even. And she looked after him, watered. And here when the furious groom ran away down, he for rage stepped on him, and even trampled down that for certain to break it. And it left then, cut off accurately broken branches and leaves at the roots and all the same watered. And he did not die! Moved to growth and the next summer gave several flowers. And now you see what beautiful grew. Only I do not know how it is called. On a lilac probably, but dry also blossoms in the summer. And leaves as fingers, and at a lilac hearts.

I furtively darted a glance at the neighboring house. In the light of a streetlight both the house, and a bush at a wall merged in one black spot.

- We will go to the house, - the grandmother sighed. - Mosquitoes absolutely zakusat!

Next morning the sun bashed out so as if revenged for a cool of evening. Over buddley the smoky lilac cloud rose again, bees buzzed. The thin woman with an easy gray hair watered it. Noisy neigbours of the grandmother`s yard hanged out the blued starched sheets and propped up ropes long sticks - rogulina. In windows the smell of a buddlea, fresh linen, naphthalene and spicy grandmother`s herbs floated. As reliability, promise of the next winter.

This promise failed on March 26, 1999. And soon also the front garden with the beauty - buddley disappeared. On this place constructed garage.

... I do not come into this yard. There long ago there live other people. But every time when I have to see a beautiful tall bush with the smoky brushes similar to a dry lilac, I remember the woman, thin, sharp on language. The only neigbour of whom the grandmother steadily spoke “The daughter of the real man“.