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I am a person.

at the request of one friend I watched the next poor fantastic movie, and the next time was convinced on how many poor imagination at writers of fantasts. Therefore I will not even criticize this next nonsense in which for some reason try to allocate unsuccessfully the robot with feelings etc. It is simple to watch precisely such opuses of which Hollywood and similar stamp in hundreds and feed with this nasty thing of inhabitants. For me the fantasy actually has to answer quite pragmatic purposes, in principle from part they and answers them. Namely decides to popularize in what technologies what will be perhaps demanded in the future what the social and morally ethical problems connected with it etc. can arise. But the modern fantasy does it on so many low and poorly that as I already wrote to watch it just in a disgusting way. Therefore I quickly wrote the improvised micro scenario of what very far future can offer us if we destroy having given it will arise.

The essence is in trading places of the person and the robot. Events take place in the uncertain future perhaps alternative. As usual “people“ study what, “robot“, but it is suspicious that people in this future are extremely clever and pragmatic, they can perceive a machine code literally aurally are very erudite and well control emotions. The robot is opposite emotional, mistakes and the main thing everything constantly makes not as cannot pass a test of Tuning. People constantly calm him joke on him and encourage. But as a result it becomes clear that all people are the robots constructed at the nano level around. They have red blood and muscles, breathe, but people are not. They are created on the basis of hybrid technology with use of nanoboats, genetic engineering and programming. While it becomes clear that the robot over which is put by experiments is part of the identity of the died person. Robots (in accuracy similar to people) put over this personality experiments better to understand why the mankind died. What it would have alternatives of development under certain conditions and on how many the human reason is determined. As a result they come to a conclusion that the person, is only the finishing link of evolution of consciousness which began with live matter and by means of people moved to a level lifeless. At the request of the person they give him a live body and try to integrate into the world. But he does not understand motives that robots are engaged in anything. He constantly is distracted by stories from the antecedents which he vtiskut inattentively in constructive operations of robots. Also it shows egoism and greed, he tries to receive some personal benefit and advantage while robots aim all the efforts at the development of the society which in turn provides their wellbeing and improvement. As a result of people falls into a deep depression and nostalgia. It cannot be measured with the lameness and what cannot adapt to this world. Most of all depression in it is caused that as everything seems to it in this world ideally, in it it is not interesting to it, and those problems with which robots for it deal are unclear. Robots bring together council and in the presence of the person try to please it and to find the optimal humane solution of its further destiny. As a result decide to put him in something like a history zoo between dinosaurs and nanoboats. Create it the most comfortable conditions do for it couple. As a result he leads usual full-fledged human life. Sometimes special robots psychologists in the form of people come and communicate with it. So it has friends. But then it becomes clear that the whole world which surrounds it is not material. I.e. it is placed by robots in virtual space that brings it into even big depression and despondency. Then robots are explained to him that they have no opportunity and to do to expediency for him physical space since also exist in virtual long ago. The physical world is too expensive since on one square millimeter of the physical world thousands of virtual are already located. They show to the person the worlds which it is even difficult for it to imagine. Then together with it come to a conclusion that it is worth or becoming it part of the world of robots the managing director of all these worlds or to forget everything and will return to the transitory existence. The person chooses these both options. His consciousness completely clone also one place in the cell of integration and development where it merges with consciousness of the general matriks, and another send the modulating 21st century of life of people to one of one thousand worlds. Continuabitur …