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5 brightest first ladies in the history. Who are they?

V to each country the first lady are an example of feminity and devotion. Very often these women are an icon of style and an example for imitation. But whether so it actually? And what skeletons in the cupboard hide wives of heads of states.

Nancey Reagan

Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancey very strongly loved each other. Their relations cannot but cause admiration. But even they could not escape from sarcasm of journalists. Said about Nancey that she watches every time at the husband so as if she waits that it will strike it with something now. And jokers were right. Spouses were unseparable to the death of Reagan. They were very seldom littered and in every possible way showed the feelings to each other, even in public.

When Nancey became the first lady, was faithful to views of the husband of the conservative. But nevertheless studied public opinion and if saw that something is not pleasant to public, then considered their wishes and changed. Nancey did everything not to do much harm to career of the husband.

Jacqueline Kennedy

As spoke Jacqueline Kennedy, her task to show that the USA is not the country of bad taste. And she perfectly coped with the task. Jacqueline was an icon of style, natural the priest - a star, she acquainted Europe with the American beauty.

Krom of beauty and Jackie`s taste had sense of humour, sharpness of mind and was soft and gentle. Said that the first lady was too big godsend for the head of the country. It was able to be a riddle and John never knew that it is possible to expect from it.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly always carried a title of the princess. At first princesses of Hollywood, and then became the real princess and the first lady. It was already going to marry the famous designer Oleg Cassini, and here Grace of a poznakomiila with the prince of Monaco. Soon both had a sympathy to each other and Cassini retired. Later Rainier`s half a year made Grace the proposal on what received a consent.

loved it everything - both simple residents of Monaco, and aristocrats, and the press. And here with the husband of the relation did not develop. He was present buky and was jealous her of such huge popularity. From - for the husband the princess rejected Hitchcock`s proposal, he offered her a role in the new movie.

Evita Peron

of the Real history of life of Evita,“ Madonna of poverty“, nobody knows because it densely acquired myths and falsifications. Exactly thanks to Evita`s performances before the people during election campaign her husband Juan could receive a presidential chair.

Having become the first lady, it was engaged in public activity, helped the poor. It exerted huge impact on the husband therefore in some measure took part in the legislation of the country. People esteemed Evita as sacred, and after death her body was embalmed and within three years it was exposed on the general review.

Carla Bruni

Toothy mass media of Europe complained that Carla is too sexual for the president of France. Besides that having become the first lady, it considerably reduced turns. Carla gave preference to suits gray tonov to cozy sweaters though she was a bohemian ekstemalka still yesterday. And still Bruni would change herself if did not arrange any provocations. For example, once it came without byustralter to official action. But despite such situations, Carla always was faithful to the husband and did not give reasons for jealousy.