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How to use the curing force of expressional arts?

Creativity help to find harmony of soul, a body and reason. It is a fine way of self-improvement. The main approach which is used by doctor Natali Rogers, - expressional art. Are ready to become the best “I“? For this purpose anything special is not necessary. Only to draw, sing, write and dance.

Creativity helps to find harmony with itself and others. Natali Rogers is the daughter of the most influential American psychologist Karl Rogers, continues business of the father, using chelovekotsentrirovanny approach and expressional arts. You will be able to release the feelings, expressing them not verbally, and through perception of art to achieve understanding deep “I“.

Four universal salutary medicines

Is the people in which cultures salutary medicines are singing, dance, telling of stories and silence. When with the person something not so, to him usually ask such questions:

In what moment of life you ceased to sing ? When you ceased to dance


When you ceased to test a charm from stories?

I when you began to feel dickey in delightful space of silence?
They ask

about it because according to their beliefs exactly there and then where and when I ceased to sing, dance, feel a charm from stories or to be weighed upon silence, I began to lose soul.

In Africa the breeding people understand the world quite so. Indigenous people of America and Oceania, including the Australian natives, the major and inhabitants of the islands of Polynesia, argue in this way. In all the rituals and tselitelsky practicians they describe health and wellbeing as qualities of the one who continues to sing, dance, enjoy stories and loves delightful space of silence.

That it “creative communication“?

the Term “creative communication“ describes process during which one art form exerts direct impact on another. Consecutive use of drawing, singing, the movement, the letter and silence deepens and strengthens internal travel. When we begin to express ourselves through the movement and a sound, moving in response to our feelings, and then at once we pass to work with color and clay, our art creativity changes.

Process of creative communication can stimulate the person to use of the congenital creative abilities to crack windows in own unconscious. Involvement in process of creative communication can be one of ways to become more spontaneous and liberated. Playing drums, dance, drawing, maintaining the diary, meditation, improvisation and singing become the vehicles bringing the person to creativity.

What means to work in expressive way?

Extend hands up, just in order that to extend them. Make it right now. And now make it the second time. Close eyes and present feeling of a solar heat and ocean breeze. You extend hands to receive all this. Inhale ocean air and the warm sun.

The fancy of the warm sun and fresh air changes your movement and experience in general. Whether you feel a difference meanwhile how you extended hands the first and second time up? Where you felt it? In a breast? In heart? In your soul?

We will assume, I just will get up from a chair and I will go to pour to myself a glass of water. But everything will change if I present myself the stolen lion. My movement will get an excitement expression.

To use art in expressive way - means, to enter the inner world to find there the experiences, and then to express them by means of art forms, the movement, a sound, the letter or the drama act. Expressional arts allow to open intuitive, mythological and spiritual aspects themselves.

Dance of a shadow

our bodies represent means of an expression, however the majority of us fade if someone asks them to express the feelings by means of movements.

Dance of a shadow - one of ways to express itself in the free movement. You need only the darkened room, a bright light source on a floor and an empty wall where your shadow will be projected. If you want, turn on the music and allow a shadow to begin to dance.

Move from within outside. Be adjusted on what you feel like at present - playful, silly, alarmed, hurrying? What you felt, allow a body to express it. Let emotions leave from within outside through your hands, legs, a trunk and the head.

our society offers

About importance of a voice very few outlets for free vocalization. Children at school are accustomed to be behaved quietly. Lovers muffle the violent sounds that nobody knew that they enjoy with each other. Loud sounds can break a privacy of life of people around.

It is spirit language. Release of a voice helps us to come into contact with the deep I levels. It has salutary forces. From time to time we get stuck in some one emotional state. In similar cases the music causing opposite emotion can be useful.

It is not less useful to listen to joyful songs in a condition of a depression, than to dance an Irish jig in the face of death.

Sacrament of process of creativity

Images come from unconscious to help us to understand the inner world. We can use creativity as some kind of bridge between our internal and external realities.

Try the free letter after walk in the wood. Be engaged in creativity when you have deep feeling of love. To give pleasure to itself and others, it is not obligatory for art to be professional. Instead of just sitting in a chair, listening to music which is pleasant to you, try to dance.

Everyone in life has the myth. We are involved in process of writing of own vital stories. And expressional arts serve as a powerful tool of their realization in reality. Art and the letter, the movement and dance, a tune and the song - all this helps us to open the essence and integrity.

The healthy lifestyle is not only healthy nutrition and sports activities. And in relation to the health it is possible to be creative. Natali Rogers`s book “Creative communication“ will help to find sincere and physical harmony.