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Another year in the autumn

I do not know why, mood is very low. Look at the campus of the leaves turn red, little by little presents a dark green above, below have red, refute, attract people`s eyes. Walk on the tree, look at the scenery of a foreign land, sense of sadness in my heart. The slightly gentle autumn wind, wind is very different and hometown. Home wind is always so cold, dry, playing in the person`s face, as if ice unchanged, little outward permeability of the blood. Pain, but a habit. Today, when I stand in the yard of a foreign land, looking at once so like tree, listening to the different wind, in the mind there is always a voice whispered in the stubborn: “it`s not your home.“ Is that this is not my hometown. Important people are not familiar with the landscape is not in. The soil here without my familiar smell of grass, air here without my familiar with dust, there is no that gentle smile face to me. So, this is not my home, not my hometown. I just a traveler.

Remember last year answer read, 5 PM every Saturday, is time to go home. At that time, even if the people on the bus, more we five will back together. This is a kind of tacit understanding, kind of attachment, there are lots and lots of things cannot tell. And now, it is Saturday, but I cannot go home. Sitting in the campus, think of a lot of things before, think of those important people in my life. They have been, I know. They told me that it is better to good care of yourself, do not be so sad. But, is that possible? It turns out that there are so many words reneex, can only say to yourself.

SAN MAO once said: “if there is an afterlife, to do a tree, stand in eternity, no and posture. Half in the dust serene, half in the wind float in the sky, half on a cool, half bath sunshine. Very silent very proud, never rely on never find. “ If so, so the afterlife can make a tree. For me, I reneex would like to care about the flouring shade, accompany you bathed the same a skylight, forever standing there, standing in the place where you need to. When you accidentally turn back and could see there was then a tree, has always been in, have been waiting for your turn, ten thousand, one thousand, had never left.

So, just let it be, so had been go on. You know, even if the road how hard it is, even if the road I was the only one forever, even if the future how many big waves, I`ll go to go. Because, chose, there is no chance to retreat, no chance to regret. Like Wang Guozhen in “marry to happiness“, I am willing to do the moths fly toward the light, because “identified, unremitting, to lose to defeat to pursue, to marry marry happiness.“ So many beautiful days, exactly what is sweet, what is bitter.

So many beautiful promise and oath, you listen to, they sang happily in the dark! Don`t be afraid to do not surprised. We have been reneex, are we believe each other! So many glittering years ah, beauty acme, enchanting and beautiful beautiful sadness. How can I forget, so much to smile with tears of time! The gentle faces of so many, they smile at me! They whispered in my ear, with ancient words I can understand, chopped finely chopped to chanting: “be happy!“ I will be happy, must be, because, have your accompany, I no longer is a person! This world, sad, sad people so much. So, do not I one more. Me, how lucky to have you in my side!

You see, I have lost my June, I lost a year`s time, I lost my work together with you. You see, I have lost a year`s time, gap, what can we fill it slowly up? You see, this year, how many, I lost a lot of things like the hand of quicksand diffused I look at them bit by bit, but cannot do anything. Rational than emotional, but sometimes, I think, lot of things, really worth it? When I sit in the university campus, bit by bit aftertaste in memory of the smell of coffee, all the past, pentium, surge to the eyes. This world, really have karma, world, pay will have return? So, I?

, “said author jia cuo and happy lovers do, do not ask the bullet is edge.“ So, do not doubt, do not regret it. Once in order to dream, for the sake of the future, once we together, laughed, cried, hatred and anger. When all this is a beautiful dream! Only, it is a casual suddenly turn dream. Fate arranged along its orbit and easy walking, just, we this group of people, is so defy spirit, is so arrogant, arrogant to think that as long as pay will have the result, arrogant to think we will be more powerful than fate, just like that, let fate of living turned a corner. That tear the pain of the soul, that lonely cry, experienced person, this lifetime will not forget! When I turned around and looked back the elegant all the time, laugh to tears.

You see, it is the autumn! Do you remember, we walk through together with a mottled light the tree - lined trail, do you remember that artificially in the wind float in the sky of long hair, do you remember that all the laughter? Now, when all the dust fall to the ground, time flow, it is in this world together different corner of the quiet growth. Perhaps many years later, when you suddenly think of it, to expose the shallow smile!

You see, another year autumn! So, as I once said, “if you well, I also peace!“ And by the way, “you`re piece, love conquers all!“