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What mobile applications cause bewilderment?

Mobile devices strongly and for a long time entered our life. Without them already we feel uncomfortablly, torn off from a civilization. But the mobile phone in itself without programs - just beautiful modern “piece of iron“. Functions which are put programmatically give to owners of mobile phones the steepness. And here happens so that very expensive program in actual fact does not bring any benefit in general. Then for what it?

A few years ago in the Network iPhone I Am Rich application appeared. At first sight, the programmer deserves a praise - everything is written competently and compactly. The posted price in 1000 dollars (without droplet of cents) seems justified. But what useful is done by this appendix?

Anything! It only displays the beautiful picture with the shining red ruby crystal and the text. There in the best traditions of self-praise it is written that the owner of the mobile phone - the richest person. If absolutely precisely: from his name there is a sladkorechivy notification of any who will look at the screen.

Cool, truth? Especially for vanity of the one who did not regret to lay out one thousand dollars, to receive a code and to download the application. And such per day there were eight people. However, Apple after days deleted this application from the Internet. Two persons demanded to return money. But the others continue to use the program. Interestingly, as now similar applications can be bought in the West on the Internet. Though at lower price - for 200 dollars.

And how to you Punch Meter appendix? Ah and, lost sight that not all know English. I explain: the appendix automatically measures force of a punch of the owner of the Android system. How works? It is necessary to clamp the smartphone in a fist and to strike strongly forward by air. The appendix right there will show you blow force coefficient in points. However, it is not absolutely clear how the electronic fittings of the smartphone will react to record-breaking strong blow? Whether will take off outside? Whether will close something in the case?

All right, Punch Meter though will help someone from boxers with trainings. Let and what will rouse more often to wave fists. And here what advantage of expensive iBeer appendix? Yes, you guessed - it is connected with beer. But not directly, and indirectly. Just in the smartphone on the screen there is a transparent mug filled with frothy beverage. If to incline the smartphone, then beer in a circle aspires to edge of a vessel. Originally, but any concrete advantage. Esthetic “pribambaska“ for pivoman, no more than that.

The Broke My Phone appendix can be carried to the category of tricks too. The program draws on the crack smartphone screen, very similar to the presents. Advantage too any. The advantage is only for the programmers who made quite expensive trick.

It is possible to scratch perplexedly a nape, having downloaded (after decent payment) and the My Name Is appendix. Traditional question: what does it do? Turns the mobile phone into a badge. Do not laugh. Really, having hung up the mobile phone on a breast, you receive an electronic badge: on its screen yours will constantly shine a surname, a name, a middle name, the organization and a post. What? You speak supposedly far more simply to apply a usual badge in the form of a piece of cardboard? Well, it any more not in fashion - became outdated. You pay money and use a miracle - the program.

It seems that the world goes crazy. For what else super - a puper - fancy appendices to wait from programmers?