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How to learn to bargain?

Many people are afraid to ask discounts. For this reason they never also receive them! In our hard time each ruble on the account. Time to learn to receive discounts for the goods and services bought by you came. Learn to do it correctly - and you at once receive financial return in the form of “live“ money at yourself in a wallet.

Many people are afraid or hesitate to ask a discount. For this reason they never also receive them! Only one, in time told, the phrase is capable to bring you notable benefit. Several thousands or several tens of thousands of rubles. Hundreds of thousands or millions.

You decide - how many money you will earn, having told only one correct phrase (in the right place and in due time).

Skill to receive the best conditions everywhere, in a literal sense, “will overturn“ all your life. I will share the personal experience.

Only one, carried-out by rules below conversation allowed me to receive 100 dollars of a discount monthly within 2,5 years (i.e. only 3 thousand dollars). Another the told phrase presented in time to me pass - travel to other country (cost about 1200 dollars).

So, question: what discounts at you?

I Will sound five councils for those who never asked before about discounts or hesitate / is afraid to bargain. These simple recommendations will help you to learn to beat down the price practically upon any purchase.

1. Ask about discounts always and everywhere. Do to

it every time when you buy something. It will allow you “to grow up“ in itself skill of determination of questions (negotiation). Each time at you it will turn out better and better, and discounts to you will be allowed in increasing frequency.

2. You hold a pause.

After scoring of the question about discounts become silent, or as speak in theater, “you hold a pause“. Your interlocutor has to the first tell something (to answer). It will strengthen your negotiation position. Accustom themselves to become silent (to hold a pause) after the words “What Discounts at You?“ or “Something Is Expensive“.

3. Use open questions. with

Much more effectively at negotiations on the price the open question “What You Have Discounts Today?“, than the closed question “Whether You Have Discounts?“

4 works. Respect the interlocutor.

Bargain (talk) to the seller friendly and validly. Be as it is possible more friendly with it, but at the same time are extremely uncompromising with the price. You speak with warmth in a voice that your offer on a discount looked as the offer, but not the order. Otherwise the seller can “go to the principle“ and completely break off communication with you.

5. A gift instead of a discount. the Discount is not necessarily expressed to

in the price. It can be a small bonus from the seller (a gift, accessories, expendables, a discount card of the regular customer, free shipping, assembly and t. ï). Therefore you can safely ask to provide you a similar discount (bonus) as a compromise on the price.


Bargain even if the price suits you. Do not agree to initially established price.

Remember: originally sounded price never is final!

Bargain more safely! Remember that in only 2 - 3 minutes of skillful negotiations you will be able to return the decent sum of money to the purse (the family budget).

If absolutely you cannot force to bargain in any way, then begin with so-called “silent“ discounts - look for in shops of an action and sale. When you begin to enjoy and you will accustom - you pass to working off of skills of reduction of price.

of purchases Favourable to you!