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How many electronic cigarettes in the market and why they are sold in prisons?

In the American market hundreds of brands of electronic cigarettes are on sale, thousands of original aromas are offered consumers. Behind many electronic brands there are large tobacco companies. Gadgets enjoy special popularity in the American prisons. Prison sheriffs, receiving generous compensation, allow to trade in them with maximum “price markup“.

Thanks to aggressive advertizing popularity of electronic cigarettes grows. Experts compare marketing attacks to consumers to shaft of tobacco advertizing 50 - x and 60 - x years of the 20th century. Results, at least, are very close, gadgets are quickly bought up and make stable profit.

In January, 2014 the American market offered consumers of 466 trademarks of electronic cigarettes, at each of which was and there is own website. The number of unique aromas on sale is close to 8 thousand. Monthly the market is entered by about ten new brands and nearly two and a half hundred aromas.

In spite of the fact that advertizing insists that electronic smoking if is not useful, then, in any case, it is harmless, from commercials, publications and pictures obviously “smells slightly“ of an old “kind“ tobacco smoke. Among owners of brands of electronic cigarettes there are such large tobacco corporations as Lorillard, Altria and RJ Reynolds.

Together with growth of sales and increase in number of brands the design of gadgets is improved. Today at the market there are three main types: “sigalayka“ (cigalikes), the size and a look the reminding usual cigarettes, “ego“ (eGos) which are larger than likes, as a rule - with a removable capacity for liquid and possessing a set of the fashions settings (mods) for the advanced electronic smokers.

In the majority of states of America sales of electronic cigarettes are regulated by the law, but there is no uniform approach to restrictions. FDA - the American Administration of products and alcohol (Food and Drug Administration) suggests to consider electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, however which - where they are sold as products of medical appointment.

Government rules mean a ban of sales of electronic cigarettes by the minor, but do not affect trade on the Internet. Analysts believe that the sales volume which reached 2 billion dollars in 2014 will continue growth.

Electronic cigarettes enjoy special popularity in the American prisons. Against a federal ban on sale in them of tobacco, electronic gadgets became one of the most demanded objects among prisoners.

In recent years even “prison“ brands, for example “eCigs 4 Inmates“ - “e - cigarettes for prisoners“ appeared. It is clear, why deprived of freedom and opportunities to smoke people are ready to buy electronic alternative to tobacco, but only one desires of 2,2 million American ZK do not explain boom of sales in places of detention.

According to the International Business Times edition the main reason in money. The prices of electronic cigarettes in prison stalls start with a mark not less than 15 dollars, sell them with 400% “price markup“.

Undoubtedly - profitable trade, and the companies are ready to pay for successful distribution of goods to prison sheriffs generously. Standard commission charges which are unfastened by sellers - 25%.

This money is theoretically transferred in various charity foundations which are created for simplification of conditions of keeping and improvement of life of prisoners. But in practice nobody knows what means around which already burst several scandals accompanied with investigations are spent for.