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Where there is the coldest place of our planet?

Scientists recorded record-breaking low temperature on our planet. As one would expect, the coldest place in the world is in the center of the southern polar continent of Antarctica. Temperature recorded here by means of the satellite reached on August 10, 2010 minus of 93,2 about Celsius (-135,8 o F).

The researchers who found a record in 2013, sorting satellite data, claim that it is yet not final figure. It still should be specified, analyzing indications of other space thermal sensors. It is quite possible that value of record temperature will be even lower.

The previous record of cold was established on July 21, 1983 at the Soviet Antarctic East station. Then it was succeeded to record temperature - 89,2 about With that allowed to call the East a cold pole for many years.

It should be noted that it is a little incorrect to compare these two records, probably. The matter is that in 1983 as a result of planned measurements air temperature over a surface ledovo - a snow armor of Antarctica while the satellite took temperature of surface ice was recorded. About where it was really colder, it is only possible to guess.

“It is extremely low temperatures which are difficult for imagining, - Ted Skambos (Ted Scambos), the employee of the American National information center of snow and ice (National Snow and Ice Data Center) in Bouldere, Colorado tells. - I like comparison that it is almost so colder than a freezing point as the boiling water is hotter than it. New is at least 50 degrees colder, than temperature on Alaska or in Siberia, and nearly 30 degrees more cold, than at top of Greenland“.

Doctor Skambos together with colleagues studies data from satellites in a subpolar orbit which gather nearly 30 years. Researchers found the coldest places in Antarctica during polar nights at big heights above sea level where dry and clean air does not interfere with heat radiation in space.

Supercold spots stretched “as if pearls“ along the ridges connecting tops or domes with the center of the continent. These “pearls“ settle down not on crests of ridges, and are displaced a little downhill.

“The cooled air streams roll down a surface down because they more dense, and get to small topographical pockets, - doctor Skambos explains this phenomenon. - If you were in such place, you would hardly notice that you are in the topographical lowland. But it is enough to detain air. In these pockets air is cooled even more, falling by three - four degrees are lower than a former record of temperature in the east“.

Cold pockets meet on hundreds of kilometers between the Dome And yes F Dome. Approximately identical low temperature between minus of 92 about is maintained in all of them and minus of 94 about S. Zafiksirovannoye scientists the place with a temperature minus of 93,2 about With is at the height about 3900 meters in a point with coordinates of 81,8 about southern latitude and 59,3 about east longitude.

“I would warn Ginness so far to accept this record and to fix it in the book because figures will be specified soon. Nevertheless I am almost sure that we already know, where on Earth the coldest places and why they exactly there“, - doctor Skambos reported the Air Force.