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Make-up history. How the natural make-up 70 - x was replaced by a “clownish“ make-up 80 - x, “heroin chic“ 90 - x and a glamour zero? The actress Angelina Jolie - the owner given (in literal sense of this word) lips, eyes and cheekbones at the same time became

brightest sample of a desired woman`s face zero. But Angelina got so expressive lines by nature therefore the rest had to rely on plastic surgery.

In 1970 - x years the make-up became very various. In fashion even opposite tendencies could coexist.

For example, under the influence of hippie and feminists popularity gets a “natural“ make-up. Use cosmetics very frostily, and sometimes are not painted in general.

Eyes shade the opaque smoky, well shaded shadows. And here lipstick is preferred natural shades - it added to lips unless easy gloss. Do not watch eyebrows at all - the they are more dense also vzjeroshenny, the better. Face freckles do not try to hide any more, now they - it is rather, the advantage, than a shortcoming.

In general in a make-up 70 - x light tone of skin therefore faces of beauties of that time seem slightly dimmy today prevails. Considering these tendencies, producers of cosmetics had to advertize the production very smartly, pressing naturalness. For example: “People will think that this faultless light skin - your own!“

at the same time at the same time was fashionable also brighter make-up. The eyes which are accurately outlined by a black pencil were shaded on an upper eyelid color (green, pink) by shadows. To light skin tried to add gloss why persons slightly shone. Eyebrows were carefully pulled out and brought, forming two thin threads. Eyelashes did black and fluffy. Lips were made up with pink and crimson lipsticks, however without fanaticism - the mouth should not have been both too thin, and too big.

Often women changed a make-up depending on a case. For example, carried a natural make-up in the afternoon, and in the evening - brighter and sexual.

In the second half of 1970 - x fashion begin to define two - in appearance unlike - style: disco and punk. In spite of the fact that the first was glamourous, and the second - radical, they were united by passion to a plentiful bright make-up. So punks put dense black shadows, and made up lips with black and green lipstick. Admirers of the disco - style preferred more joyful make-up - iridescent shadows around eyes, lipstick with spangles … Which - who went further - for example, made up eyelashes in red color, and eyebrows - in green. Under cheekbones even more often put strips of blush.

All these tendencies to a bright dense make-up were fully shown in 1980 - e years . Paraphrasing the classic, I will tell that on a woman`s face everything has to be brightly painted - both eyes, and cheekbones, and lips. And as the color scale was almost unlimited, the person began to resemble a clownish mask - at the same time defiant and is sexual - aggressive (look how such singers as Madonna, Cindi Louper, Sandra, Kim Wilde looked at that time).

Shadows were shaded in a big way now: from a century - up to eyebrows. At the same time they could pass smoothly into different shades (violet, blue, pink).

The space around eyes was densely blackened, and on outer edges added corners (to give a “cat`s“ section) or at all did the impudent punk “dabs“ reaching temples. Then ink with use of polymers which enveloped eyelashes becomes current, but did not allow them to stick together.

In fashion again natural - dense, black, tousled (as at Brook Shildz) eyebrows.

Blush in 80 - e applies directly on cheekbones frank malinovo - pink strips. Not less defiant also lips look. Lipstick has saturated brilliant color (for example, violet with nacreous outflow) and is applied without accurate contours.

Soon women were tired from so rectilinear and what a sin to conceal, a tasteless make-up. Therefore in 1990 - e years “rainbow“ on a face gradually disappears. In fashion again the natural fresh person and not striking cosmetics (it is enough to look at actresses Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone, or Cindi Crawford`s model).

The great popularity is acquired by foundation which had to add to skin easy gloss. Behind eyebrows begin to look after and pull out, but without fanaticism. Also frostily tint also eyes, and shadows have more natural shades (beige, brown, gray, olive). Spangles and nacre consign to the past. Lipstick of brownish shades prevails.

At the same time “unhealthy“ also coexists with a “healthy“ make-up. Careless grunge style flows to the middle 90 - x in so-called “heroin chic“. The icon of this “chic“ - Kate Moss`s model - demonstrovat an image of the tired addict who just regained consciousness after the next dose: the rumpled painful complexion with dark circles around eyes.

But already by the end of 1990 - x women wanted to be bright and frankly sexual again. However, a glamour 2000 - x resembled “a clownish carnival“ of 1980 a little - x. Beauties of a new century relied on gloss - in a literal sense.

Shining and poured now has to be all... Apply damp corporal gloss and gold spangles on smooth suntanned skin. In the course in general metal shades - golden, silver, bronze. Also lipstick has obligatory nacreous gloss (usually it expressive color - pink, berry, colors of a fuchsia). And it is not casual. Nearly for the first time huge chubby lips in the history become fashionable - to allocate “vareniki“ therefore them take great pain and to increase visually.

Assume that canons of female beauty of 2000 - x were developed as a result of globalization and interference of different ethnic types. So, in imitation Caucasians, Black women bleach skin and straighten hair, and Mongoloid women increase a breast and eyes. At the same time at white women the counter tendency is observed: aspiration to make skin swarty (the benefit sunbeds are available now), lips - on - Black big, and eyes - orientally slanting. “Slanting“, but not “narrow“. In a trend - not just big eyes, but huge and convex - as they say, “on roll out“.

The actress Angelina Jolie - the owner given (in literal sense of this word) lips, eyes and cheekbones at the same time became the brightest sample of a desired woman`s face zero. But Angelina got so expressive lines by nature therefore the rest had to rely on plastic surgery.

If in previous years women went mad on face lifting and a silicone breast, then now “lovely lines cardinally began to remake appearances“. You will look at some fashionable party, and it seems that a half of the present ladies descended from one conveyor: at all, as one, high cheekbones; the big, widely placed and slightly slanting eyes; absolutely “unemotional“ smooth forehead which is filled in with Botox and the bays which are pumped up by the same Botox creating feeling that they were turned inside out. Not everyone therefore the aspiration to beauty quite often turns in grotesque and ugliness has enough measure and taste.


the Patient comes to the plastic surgeon after operation and speaks:

- Doctor thank you very much! Only I asked to make to me eyes a little surprised, but not stunned...

Along with image of the glamourous blonde also more radical types of a make-up on equal terms coexist - it seems chyorno - a white make-up it is ready or multi-colored meyk - an apa in the spirit of a burlesque. Also the fetishism esthetics prospers - it is possible to change the appearance to unrecognizability even without surgical intervention now. For example, to change color of eyes by means of lenses or to paste false eyelashes (today they look far more naturally, than half a century back).