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How many in the USA of the cities with the name Moscow? Once incidentally heard

in radio amateur air of the American who in all seriousness told that he lives in the USA in the city of Moscow. So, in Moscow in Russian. But Moscow in Russia, but not in the USA! Whether my interlocutor on air well learned geography?

In actual fact it turned out that I should learn geography, but not to it. The reason is that on the State of Idaho really is the town of Moscow. Strange, isn`t that so? In Russia Washington is not present the city with the name, and here in America Moscow is available. For what reason it appeared there? Perhaps the Russian immigrants based and so called?

It became clear that immigrants from Russia there never were. In the museum of the town the name is connected with the mail carrier Samuel Neffen.

The initial name of the small settlement founded in 1871 was Hog Heaven (Hog Heven). The settlement grew at the expense of the miners and peasants arriving from other states to a constant residence. Between them there was a dispute: not too - that harmonious was the name. Decided to rename into Paradise Valley (Peradayz Valli). But to Samuel Neffen came to a local mailer to mind on a postage stamp where there was only a name of the state, to write by hand Moscow. Samuel was from Moscow that in the State of Pennsylvania. From this Moscow he at first moved to other Moscow - in the State of Iowa. And having got Peradayz Valli, decided that nothing terrible happens if personally renames him into one more town with the name Moscow.

Why in Pennsylvania and in Iowa towns received so interesting name - it is not known. There are only assumptions. But they at the level of guesses. And in general there is a lot of namesakes at the capital of Russia in America. Settlements with the name Moscow are also in states Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Indiana, Mississippi, Man, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas. But let`s return to the city of Moscow in the State of Idaho.

In America not a problem to take the car in long rent and to do a bit of traveling over the country. If to go towards Seattle, then you will surely get on the territory of the State of Idaho. And there the road will bring into the city of Moscow. It is in the district of Lat. The first impression - very cozy and pure (that for the USA a big rarity) the city. In it 24 thousand inhabitants. There is a university, over ten schools. The main population - white Americans (93 percent from total of the population). The Afro-Americans - less than one percent. There are also Asians, Indians, metises and natives of Oceania.

The population kindly concerns to tourists and willingly shows sights. However, it is a little of them. However, for the town a situation with amount of sights normal. The city has on the Internet the official site. As one would expect, it in English. And it is not always for some reason available from Russia.

It is curious to note that inhabitants of Moscow are proud of age of the city. On many buildings there is a date of construction. It is a lot of greens and flowers on streets. Polite service in shops. The police officer for small violation will make you in a soft form only the remark though in Russia the inspector of traffic police surely would shout and wrote out a penalty. Moscow have the telephone code +1 208 and the postal index - 83843.

Of course, America too different, as well as Russia. There are also those in the USA who it will become gloomy to look to you in a trace. But the most part of Americans understands that the planet at us the general and it is necessary to live peacefully.