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Woman on vacation: what with itself to take and from what to refuse?

Thrifty women cannot without to taking with themselves on rest everything that can only be carried away. But to the resort we go to have a rest, but not to drag weight. To urgently carry out audit of a collected suitcase and to leave only the most necessary things!

Not always it turns out to spend holidays in the company of darling or cheerful girlfriends. But that it is all the same necessary to have a rest-. Therefore for those who should go to the resort alone we offer the list of the minimum set of the most necessary things and absolutely excess ballast which will only weight a suitcase (and to us it to anything if we are lonely and fragile women on vacation).

So not to shoulder excess freight and to dare to move and travel freely, it is necessary to reduce the list “the most necessary things for all occasions“ to a minimum which will quietly be located in a standard beach bag, will not burden on the way and will allow to have a rest with comfort.

What needs to be taken with itself?

Bathing suit. Ideally - two: closed - for an evening exit to the sea just to breathe fresh, curative air, without drawing excess attention (if only you do not intend to get a holiday romance) and open - for day suntan.

Towel. If you have a rest not in hotel, and just remove a lodge on the coast or near a beach zone, the rule “I take all the with myself“ will be very actual.

Beach rug or laying. special, compact folding rugs which in the spread-out look form full one and a half - or a double laying Are. They do not take a lot of place, have a solar reflective surface (do not heat up) and quickly dry.

Cream for suntan. Without this means not to manage if there is a wish to receive equal, beautiful suntan. To buy a big bottle to anything. All the same, even if you will be smeared from legs to the head every day during holiday, during the summer it will not be spent. More economically (both in respect of means, and in respect of the place in a bag) to buy small tubes (50 - 80 ml) which will just be enough.

Burns medicine. Unfortunately, it is possible to be lost in contemplation incidentally of the brought-up rescuer or just to doze off on the sun, having passed time when it is time to turn over not to burn down. In these cases cream, lotion or is the best of all - foam from burns, will become irreplaceable assistants.

Lip balm and milk for a body. the Scorching summer sun very much dries skin, leaving unpleasant feelings and a peeling. Besides, suntan more beautiful looks on the smooth, moistened skin, than on rough and dry. Lip balm and a milk for a body - a necessary minimum of the looking after cosmetics for rest.

Shower gel and shampoo. Now in shops very convenient samplers of any cosmetics are on sale. Get a little in advance, and then it is not necessary to drag with itself all battery of the small bottles built in a close formation in a bathroom.

Means from mosquitoes. Near water of these annoying insects well just it is a lot of! To ensure skin and a quiet dream, equal, free from stings, it is worth seeing to it about means against mosquitoes in advance. As the most, besides, economical option, it is possible to buy aromatic paper: one burned leaflet = one quiet night. And for campaigns on a disco or in cafe there are special smilies - stickers on clothes from mosquitoes.

First-aid kit. needs to go on the vacation, of course, only with pleasant thoughts, but reinsurance will not prevent. So, do not forget to put in a cosmetics bag several tablets or febrifuge bags (if the sea cold, it is possible and to catch a cold), to steam of tablets from the head, something from a stomach (from change of water, a diet the stomach often begins to revolt on vacation), antihistamine (on a case of unforeseen reaction of skin or an organism in general on allergovozbuditel) and a plaster (if you incidentally cut a leg with a cockleshell).

Tampons. If in the territory of recreation facility or hotel the pool is, without this means of intimate hygiene for women to go it is unsafe there (the chlorinated water can break microflora of a vagina and lead to developing of infections).


it is not obligatory for b to carry with itself favourite “reflex camera“, all lenses, several chargers … Will be modern phone enough with a good chamber that all acquaintances and virtual friends saw your beach selfies in Instagramm!

Wet towel wipes. They will always be useful on the beach when you want to have a bite svezhesvarenny shrimps or honey baklava.

Money. Without them all entertainments and pleasures which can enjoy in the resort will not be available to you.

What will become unnecessary ballast on vacation?

All summer dresses and dresses. will be has enough One cocktail dress or long evening sundress.

Iron. not to encumber the place in a bag, just choose things from crease-resistant fabrics.

Shoes on heels.

On sand it will be very inconvenient to b to go to them. Besides, time you go to have a rest, your legs go to have a rest too. Allow them to make it.

Ware set. As a rule, on bases and in hotels the minimum set of ware is. But why to burden itself with cooking on vacation? You descend in restaurant or the dining room, drink a tea cup in the nearest cafe … It will bring much more positive emotions, than time spent on preparation of homemade food.

Laptop. If it is about work, then forget about it. You on vacation! All affairs will be waited. The world will not stop for that time until you bask several days in the sun. And if about communication, then is the mobile Internet quite enough. As a last resort - nearby there will always be an Internet cafe.

Also you remember: the best baggage - that which does not need to be carried on itself. Rest pleasant to you!