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Day suddenly turned cold overnight

of listen to some of the old man`s house said the other day, beginning of winter. But I just do not feel the winter has come to feel, always thought or falling autumn leaves.

The most a day in November, I finished my work, standing between the earth and the dynamic wind, suddenly thought of, how did not reenex I what expressed concern to you. My brother is an unqualified, cold day, you always remind me, want to add some clothes; Tired, you always remind me, to have a good rest. And I think I never said, `oh cool, add some more clothes. `.

Pick up the phone, find your number, is used to press the `call` health. Through the phone, was the first thing I ask you where is it? You told me, you just came out from the Internet cafe. I was not angry. You told me that you got off the bus feel dizzy, went to Internet cafe to do an hour, this week you said you have a cold, nose often flow nosebleed.

of I do not know how, suddenly feel heart seems to be painful, how I want to tell you, brother love you very much, also is very care about you. But, suppressed along while, said a words, you to the hospital to see see! After you said this is normal, are you talking, are you asking me, off work......? Have a meal reenex......? The last call you ask what can I do for you? I said, No. So we ended the conversation.

I looked at the sky, sky has been covered with a layer of black veil. I am deeply sighed, brother! You know, greatest wish of my life you are elder brother, brother once said that what the writer dream, what beauty, villa, those are nonsense. You are the elder brother of life`s greatest wish.

As a teenager, I left the reenex campus, I for the sake of what?

As a teenager, I joined the fukuda, I for the sake of what?

, all this is because a few years ago a dramatic event in the evening, we in the heart of the tall figure...... he, he in the bloody sunset with western evening, told me that you are my brother! Do you understand?

How do I do not understand? I understand! Since ancient times, eldest brother like father, this is the same. From the moment I stepped into the vocational technical secondary school, I swear, I will not let you lose the university dream; I swear, I will not let you lose any dignity; I swear, I will not let you received any alms. Even if I give everything, even is a life, as long as you can, I would have no regrets in my life.

If now, god told me that your brother in the next ninety years, he would go in peace, be happy! But now you have to come with me, I will not hesitate to choose to follow god.

If you suddenly disappeared from my life, my brother will not live, because you are my only to survive in this world, significance of without you, my brother may forget how to breathe.

I this is not a big love, what is not love, it`s just a selfish, selfish to, rather you negative gross, mo to his you. Brother only have one request for you, just hope you completed for elder brother elder brother`s dream, specifically to complete his dream, he once wanted me to bounds, I even did not have a chance to complete in my life, I only hope that you can do it! Brother just want achievement man determined, make a man do it.

Kiss, you remember, greatest wish of my life you are elder brother, do you want to carry the brother`s dreams and your dreams to fly together, to struggle!