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A kind of life attitude

Stay up late, it is a habit. Once upon a time, I will be this kind of habit as a kind of attitude. Because my people are stupid, so I always wanted to do more than others. Of hard work I`ve always understand, because I`m a stupid bird, I am always better than the others fly around a bit, because I know that, so, I do a little bit more effort than people. Sometimes, I even thought, I keep thinking, keep thinking about, is to make themselves look like an ordinary people. But, I have to admit, some talented, himself. Some people, however, is also a battle - hardened, so, I still want to pay a little more. The evening sleep a kind of attitude to me, I think I got so a little more than some people. I cannot fall asleep at night, I think a lot of, also can write a lot, will see a lot of, also will listen to a lot, finally I got a lot, too.

About life, about myself, about society, about this everything in the world of mortals secular, perhaps, I cannot see one hundred percent of understand, but I know what I am, what I can do. So, humility is my attitude, flatly decisively is my attitude.

In fact, most of the time, when your life habit, life becomes dangerous. A good way of life, enough to give you a better living environment. But, good or bad, is not absolute. So do not use my fantasy to define the Real existence.

Most of the time, I sat in the darkness, and a lot of people do not know this is a thinking person is a man full of confusion LED color temperature. In fact, there are thinking, because he left vacant, and at a loss to let a person have to think again.

I enjoyed the night, because his darkness can hide their own humble and cowardly, did not pay attention to their ignorance and shallow. In a busy world, no one will pay attention to who originally, but live, is a kind of scenery. We use pedestrian as the scenery of life, at the same time, we are living in the scenery of others.

The dead of night, I always wander in under the neon lights of the city. Sometimes, who lost in that false scene. Feeling that one`s soul is free in this world of mortals world, no longer subject to the oppression of life, no longer consider the joys and sorrows of life, Maya angelou. But, reality will not let our weak soul.

For a long time, I lost in the world of black and white upside down. But, I still let yourself live like a normal person, not to dispute black white night, what also do not control it by the water wave flower ICT Provider. The morning, and do what you have to do, it`s getting dark, just wash your sleep. But I was lost again, because, I found myself in decline.

So I began to prolong the time of day, stick to use in the dark. So, I always in the middle of the night drawing, walk alone under the stars. Days have passed in this way, I also began to the other evening Beverly skin refining center. I once again free, this reverse black and white life completely ruined my life.

I do not want to sleep, because I know that even if I sleep, my heart was awake. Most of the time, I would wake up in the middle of the night, to continue their not done while you are awake, can be a meditation, it is possible that read a paragraph of text, and possibly to say something. Then, I became the night of the slaves and became a star partner.

You will lose everything. I finally tasted the flavor. I slept like a pig and two alarm sounds are just not wake me up. So, I missed a chance, missed a good opportunity. Not say oneself do review, also let the concern and support me, disappointed. Perhaps, not the cup of despair, and doubt.

Such is life, impermanence is full of hope. He who has hope do not confused. I also know that both hope and disappointment, this world is as usual. The rest of the time quietly sneak off in this way, we are not wrinkle the skin, is the decadence of the mind, remaining empty shell, banish the depravity of the soul.