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You who - the guide, the guide or just accompanying?

of All who work in travel business as guides can be divided into three main groups conditionally: attendants, guides and real guides.

The last group includes the people who are fanatically loving the business, looking for new subjects and the directions in archives and libraries to make the excursions even more interestingly and more informative. We also met one of such keen people during travel across Norway.

I had a remarkable grandfather. In nearly 80 years it perfectly looked. No, of course, it was visible that it is already elderly person. Elderly, but not old. He did not put on glasses for all the life uniform time, fast equal gait, and the fact that he slightly turned gray and grew bald, and a complete set of the false teeth which are not provided by the nature, so what life is lived in a mouth - two revolutions, three wars.

Struck in the grandfather that he continued to work, and he had a work about - go - go - the chief accountant - the auditor of liqueur - a vodka central board of Ministry of the Food Industry of the USSR. What work of the auditor consists in, you guess? Means, you understand that the person in rather old age had to go regularly in different directions our immense country, what - what, and liqueur - we have enough vodka distilleries.

I remember, he from the next trip, and his daughter who my mother in combination was returned, asks:

- The father, and it is not heavy to you here so on the Union to be wound?

I remembered the grandfather`s answer very well and as we with it both very much light on the feet appeared and were always ready where - nibud to go that where - nibud on something interesting to look, I am guided by his words already many decades:

- Yes you that, Irinushka? I as come to the new place and time is formed free, at once I go to museum of local lore, and then I ask that I with a sightseeing tour was helped. So all this is interesting that I even do not think of fatigue.

Here and I, having for the first time visited excursion about 60 years ago, since then I do not leave this occupation. After communication during trips with a great number of guides in my head gradually there was some classification of those who are involved in this activity. It was necessary to divide all into three integrated groups.

The first, rather numerous, I called it “attendants“. The people entering it will be near you, they as obliges will even tell about something and to try to pay your attention to something, but all this will be so that by the end of excursion in the head of you will remain little.

The second group too big, is guides. Having well learned the text, they repeat it so often that it just jumps aside from their teeth. Often it is quite good experts in some narrow special question, they are irreplaceable in the museums, but it is worth putting off them from the favourite fad as they begin to be lost, and it becomes at once boring for all.

The most seldom found category is the real guides, people fanatically loving the business, all free time spending in libraries and archives to find something exclusive on what fans to learn something surely have to peck new and interesting. They think out new subjects and the directions, they know if not all, then very much and a lot of things, and not only within the favourite subject, but also about everything around it.

It should be noted that such people meet in increasing frequency. Here and on the last trip we were lucky.

In the beginning it occurred in Longyearbyen - the capital of Spitsbergen where we arrived already zapolnoch. To reach the reserved hotel, it was necessary to call a taxi. To our surprise the arrived taxi driver was our compatriot. Having worked many years in the Russian zone of Spitsbergen, in the city of Barentsburge, he was forced to move to the Norwegian territory where he got a job in a taxi in the nineties.

Vadim, so he was called, next day kindly agreed to take for a drive a little us on the city and vicinities and it turned out such remarkable story-teller very much knowing both about Longyearbyen, and about stories of the archipelago that we were even upset a little when our trip ended as Vadim had urgent matters. Here so unintentionally we met the person for whom carrying out excursions is even not a hobby, the Russian tourists with whom it is possible to chat in the native language just got, it also did us this favor.

And here in Oslo beforehand ordered sightseeing tour was broken. It was necessary to get into the Internet urgently. Offers appeared a little, among them we were interested in one - “The City of Four Kings“. The curious professionally taken picture, well stated quintessence drew attention, and we decided to risk. Already through a couple of hours we met young looking thin person with small accent speaking in Russian. It was obviously the accent of the person who was born in the Caucasus, somewhere on the bank of the Caspian Sea.

And it appeared, Rami really was born in Baku, his family forcedly left the hometown in disturbing January days 1990. Destiny of a pomotal of Rami on various cities and the countries until it finally settled in the capital of Norway. Having seized Norwegian, Rami, the professional photographer by training, went in for history of the country in which he lives now, and perfectly knows not only everything about Norway, but also history of difficult relationship between our states.

Excursion was remarkable, but all did not manage to visit, did not keep within the stipulated time, slowly we go, probably, and were already going to leave when Rami made us the unexpected proposal:

- Now at me business, you appeared unexpectedly, but hours in nine I have to be released and would like to offer you a bonus. Will be still absolutely light-and I would like to show you a memorial cemetery where are buried as the died foreigners are prisoners of concentration camps, and fighters of a resistance movement in the years of fascist occupation of Norway including the Soviet soldiers.

We with gratitude accepted this kind offer, and in the evening Rami drove up to our hotel. On streets of cars there was a little therefore we went quickly. Even did not tell all Rami Road, and sang rather, telling about the Royal palace and park surrounding it about some most curious streets and buildings of Oslo from his point of view.

When we reached the Western cemetery where there is a monument to the Soviet soldiers and is buried our 347 soldiers, Rami was absolutely inspired. He was engaged several years in search in the Norwegian archives of any information about the Soviet prisoners of war who were contained in concentration camps in the territory of the occupied Norway and he already managed to establish one more place of burial of five Soviet soldiers with surnames and other biographic data.

Additional excursion ended closer by midnight when the beginning noticeable to darken. We with regret and big gratitude left Rami, the good sympathetic person and the great guide who, by the way, did not take money for this evening trip.

- I told that it is a bonus, and money does not take for a bonus.