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All what has the beginning, has also the end? I very often should hear

Given expression for a long time. Especially annoyingly, when it is carried to life. For example my philosopher from postgraduate study about 5 years ago, also time thoughtfully told this phrase, noting as the fact that everything is mortal. But I did not begin it to contradict what it would not fill up me at examination. Let philosophizes... Apparently, this meme went from “Matriks“ and was taken, on arms inhabitants who are not capable to think and in particular do not even remember a course (if I am not mistaken) geometry for the 7th class and definition what is a beam. And what is a beam you heard?

I decided to publish one of articles from one of books of which all not as I will not add. It “Book of general delusions 3“.

The first 2e were written not by me, but think in our near society where delusion reign such books everywhere it is necessary to write, at least about ten. Alas I for all do not have enough time and hands do not reach. Especially as in last articles promised to deal with a lawlessness on YouTube. But I postpone all this from - for vanities and put on a distance shot … Here and now instead of YouTube returned to the book of delusions, the section “philosophies“ since irritates that the next clever man issued this phrase for the whole world in the next pseudoscientific movie. But I will pass actually to delusion - the statement: “Everything that has the beginning, has also the end“. to Whom it is necessary to

this geometry the inhabitant as however, and philosophy will tell. Nevertheless I do not want to cut off a possibility of immortality since many types are already immortal on a root. For example, bacteria which breed division it is possible to carry to immortal conditionally. Of course they can be killed, but here they do not die of an old age (roughly speaking). And in fact to them already millions of years. When one shares on 2e that is not present that which is more senior also than that which is younger they are identical (if this equivalent division, but not budding or something similar). Thus there is a probability that that first bacterium which just many times shared somewhere floats. Of course can there will be some, World cataclysm and all life on Earth will disappear, but bacteria from - for their vezdesushchest and survivability will disappear the last. Yes, our Sun, but where guarantees that these creatures will not fly on other solar system somewhere in the depth of one of the meteorites or comets which came off Earth in the course of her death will go out sooner or later. And perhaps the mankind will develop on so many that itself will transfer them to some spaceship. Generally of course there is a probability that all will end, but not the fact … Yes. At this stage of evolution all people are mortal are transitory and the main thing are silly. So information which they bear there is no sense to write down and store, at least many also do not want it and the main thing do not aspire. Living by the principle of hamsters: devoured has a sleep and died. And from this arranges. But there is a mass of things which have the beginnings but it is not known when come to an end. It is possible to give examples absolutely various. As I already wrote it a beam. And the beam, is not ephemeral mathematical abstraction. For example the beam which is let out by a pulsar has the real beginning, but where its end it is not known. It can leave and dissipate on thousands of light years. Can crash into something and transfer the information changing everything on the way. In fact everything is infinite it passes from one state into another, information, energy changes, but somewhere at very small level everything remains same. For example, if the majority of stable chemical elements are not will join in nuclear reactions, then they despite violent circulation of life passing from one organism into another on food chains there will be invariable millions, and maybe billions of years. If to subject them to influence of radiation or to transfer enormous energy they of course will change, but their submolecular parts can remain unaffected. In turn, to change submolecular particles are necessary still big to energy as a hadron collider. And if there are particles even more small, then for impact on them even more energy is necessary. So we come to the general rule a special case of which the known and trivial formula of Einstein is all: a = ms2. But if return to bacteria, then it is worth acquiring the main rule for which the mankind has to strive. It is necessary to us will learn to read out and in accuracy to rewrite information on other more reliable carrier so it would be possible from to consider and create it the copy not than not different from the original there. Bacteria write down this information is trivial on DNA, as well as the majority of other live organisms, and support due to continuous copying. We have to go in a few other way. Here already I will mention and I will quote other outstanding physicist Feynman: “there it is below full of the place“. But I will add. To survive follows us will go down. To rewrite the consciousness on these particles which are steadier, to which not how much radiation, a high pressure or something. These particles, it is matter similar to matter of a black hole where there are no molecules and atoms. Then we can leave from death and to become stars … However, it is already other subject … And in general to whom I tell … It is not interesting to inhabitants, and really competent people of unit …