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How to receive discounts, gifts and the best conditions?

Many people never bargain. They do not allow themselves to ask a question to the seller in shop about how to them to receive more favorable conditions. In time the told four words “What at You Today Discounts?“ are capable to return very notable sums to your family budget.

Surprisingly, but fact! People are ready to pay you money only for the fact that you will open the mouth and will pronounce only three words: “What today discounts?“ If you keep silent, then you do not receive money.

Stop thinking that to bargain and beat down the price is a bad act and that it is lower than feeling of your own advantage. Many people never bargain because do not want to look as poor, ill-mannered persons or as cheapskates are hairsplitters.

Really, many people feel strong discomfort from only one thought that they should first start talking to the stranger moreover, in addition, to get to it into a purse, having asked about a discount.

To ask how to receive a discount, about two reasons are psychologically difficult:

- you fall into a state of asking;

- you think that you put the person with whom you bargain in an awkward situation.

Bargain everywhere! I will give several advice which will help you to receive the most favorable conditions:

1. Ask questions. by

to receive a discount, to you it is necessary to make only one action - to ask the seller very simple question: “What discounts at you?“ Quite so all also works - pay you for the fact that you ask questions!

At you the habit (without thinking, on the automatic machine) to ask about discounts has to be created. Summarily and fluctuations. All bargain - even country leaders and large corporations.

2. Prepare for refusals. to you will refuse to

very often granting discounts. It is normal, and has to be. Morally be ready to it. Remember that “There is no harm in trying“ and “You will not ask - you will not receive“.

3. Increase the efficiency as negotiator. All life we something buy

and we sell. It is time to learn to do it correctly!

I admit honestly, I do not like to bargain. Well, the pleasure does not bring me this occupation. But it brings me good money and unexpected gifts from life.

In time the told four words “What at You Today Discounts?“ are capable to return very notable sums to your family budget.

Everything is very simple and honest:

- you speak - pay you for it;

- you are lazy (and you are silent) - you are left without money.

Where to bargain:

1. Of course, in any market it is possible and it is necessary to bargain.

2. When you do the order in the Internet - shop. Often, will provide you not a discount, and some service as a gift. For example, free assembly upon purchase of furniture.

3. When you order repair or any other services. The competition there usually big, so the chance to receive a considerable discount is very big.

4. When you buy something through boards of free announcements (including on the Internet), especially if the announcement already hangs many days.

5. Now there are a lot of actions - sales carry out Network shops (like the Magnet, Pyaterochka and t. ï). If behind them to watch closely, save points, then you will also be able decently to save. In a year the decent sum can run.

Remember that bargaining, you pay yourself!

“Ability to agree with other people is the most important goods on light. I will pay for such ability more, than for something another“, - John Rockefeller - the richest person on our planet so considered.