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How it is correct to carry contact lenses?

Each people which ever faced a problem of a poor eyesight especially clearly realize sight correction pluses: the world becomes brighter, all is visible better, colors - nasyshchenny. For each person selection of means of correction is always individual. Contact lenses - one of the most modern ways of correction, they provide excellent sight and even give the chance to change the image. They are convenient and are suitable for most of people with a poor eyesight.

Contact lenses - one of the most modern ways of correction, they provide excellent sight, give freedom of the movement in operating time, rest and sports activities and even give the chance to change the image. They are convenient and are suitable for most of people with a poor eyesight. At the correct leaving of a lens will not bring trouble, the main thing to follow several simple rules.

Trust in the professional

you Should not select contact lenses independently. Selection has to be carried out by the ophthalmologist or an optometrist who will correctly determine all necessary parameters of an eye.

There is a set of options of parameters of contact lenses: dioptries, diameter, the radius of curvature and others by which the expert at the choice of lenses is guided and which provide feeling of comfort. Only the expert can recommend contact lenses so that they completely met your needs for correction of sight and corresponded to lifestyle. At selection of lenses time is necessary for adaptation, an assessment of feeling of primary comfort and “landing“ of lenses. It occurs quickly enough, takes several minutes. After check by the expert of visual acuity and the provision of lenses in the face of you will teach to put on correctly and quickly them and to remove.

Respect for hygiene - first of all!

Observance of simple rules of hygiene will allow to keep health of your eyes.

• Always wash hands before putting on, removing or clearing contact lenses. For washing of hands instead of lumpy soap which can become soiled it is recommended to use liquid antibacterial soap.

• Hands need to be washed out carefully flowing water in order to avoid hit of soap on contact lenses.

• To avoid hit of fibers of fabric on contact lenses, it is recommended to wipe hands disposable tissues.

• All contact lenses, except for one-day (disposable), need to be cleared and disinfected after removal by special multipurpose solution.

Economy is inappropriate

All lenses have the different term of carrying. There are lenses of planned replacement (replacement of times a month or quarter), lenses of frequent planned replacement (2 weeks). Such type of lenses can be used during the certain period many times. After use of such lenses during the day they need to be cleared and stored in special solution in the container.

After putting on of lenses it is necessary to pour out solution of the container, to rinse it fresh disinfecting solution and, having turned upside down, to leave to dry on a pure napkin in the dry aired room (for example, in a bedroom, but not in a bathroom). For storage of lenses once a month is recommended to change containers. It is important to watch an expiration date of contact lenses and solutions, and also a container usage time.

Carrying contact lenses with expired for uses is inadmissible even if it seems to you that in them all of you still well see. It is difficult for some people to remember date of replacement of contact lenses. It is in that case better to celebrate date of replacement of contact lenses in a calendar in advance or to use function of a reminder in the mobile phone.

Certainly, one-day lenses which does not demand special leaving are the most convenient. The fresh, new couple of such lenses is put on in the morning eyes, and in the evening removed and thrown out. With them it is not necessary to remember replacement term. Such way of carrying is not only the safest and hygienic, but also very convenient, especially when lenses are used not every day.

the Make-up without efforts

sometimes face

of the Girl a problem of use of cosmetics when carrying contact lenses. Therefore, it is worth remembering the simple rule: it is necessary to do a make-up only after putting on of lenses on eyes, and it is necessary to wash away a make-up in the evening after removal of lenses. It will protect your eyes from hit of small parts of cosmetics and emergence of irritation, and also will better keep lenses of planned replacement.

Contact lenses are harmless and safe for eyes at observance of hygienic requirements and at the correct care of them. Following to the recommended mode of carrying and graphics of replacement of contact lenses extremely important for health of eyes. It is not less important to follow instructions for care of contact lenses, the treatment of them and storage. Precisely observing recommendations of the doctor, you will enjoy feeling of comfort and excellent sight.