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Gold lily of the valley - a sandersoniya. How to grow up it?

Gold lily of the valley, or a sandersoniya, arrived to Europe from South Africa. In New Zealand its cultivation was put on an industrial basis. In cut stalks of a gold lily of the valley stand more than two weeks. It with success can be grown up as in an open ground (in regions with warm climate), and in room conditions.

The breeze blew and golden hand bells zakolykhatsya in gardens and on balconies, casting joyful mood and fantastic heat - it from South Africa there came to us the sandersoniya. This the elegant, radiating optimism plant is called also orange hand bell, a Christmas hand bell, a gold lily of the valley, the Chinese small lamp, yellow jingles.

Rod Sandersoniya is included into family Lileynykh. Now in nature the sandersoniya is on the verge of disappearance. For Europeans the gold African lily of the valley was opened at the beginning of the nineteenth century by the English botanist Jackson Guker. The name received a plant in honor of the gardener John Sanderson who began to cultivate it in the African city of Natal.

In the homeland in the period of rains the sandersoniya blossoms for a long time and plentifully. The size of flowers reaches 3 cm, they are similar to jingles, accrete petals are a little bent inside. Natural scale of shades - from yellow to orange. Without flowers a plant, thanking mindalno - to the green lanceolate leaves reaching in length of 8 - 10 cm and thin short moustaches, also looks attractively.

Flower growers of New Zealand put cultivation of a sandersoniya on an industrial basis. Today in many countries of the world it is grown up on cut and as pottery culture. At appropriate leaving in cut orange hand bells stand more than two weeks. Every other day it is necessary to change water, to cut stalks and to put in a pure vase, to contain far from direct sunshine and to spray periodically.

Sandersoniya with success is grown up in room conditions. This compact liana grows only to 80 centimeters. Gentle short moustaches it will cling to a support, twisting it. If to put a row several copies, it will turn out openwork zelyono - a golden rug.

As a plant African, it loves abundance of light, but at the southern windows will demand shading. From direct sunshine the sandersoniya not only will get burns and will lose decorative effect, but also can die. In summertime the optimum temperature of contents - 20 - 25 degrees.

Sandersoniya needs moderate watering, she will transfer a drought, than remoistening rather. During the vegetative period well reacts to periodic sprayings by otstoyanny water. In a dormant period not to water few months.

The gold hand bell is attacked by a plant louse, a web tick, mealy cherveets, trips. It is necessary to fight with them by means of insecticides. Prevention - regular survey.

Make multiple copies a sandersoniya bulbs and seeds. Seed reproduction is difficult, it is used by selectors for removal of new versions and grades.

Bulbous tubers in February - May land in pots on depth of 5 - 10 cm. Before landing it is good to kill them at several o`clock in warm water. Large bulbs can be divided, it is obligatory to powder a cut pounded charcoal. Bulbs sprout slowly, sometimes about six months. Optimum temperature for germination - 20 - 30 degrees.

When boring will reach 8 - 10 cm, they can be landed in an open ground if there is no threat of frosts. The place of landing has to be protected from norths, is well lit, the drainage for prevention of rotting of bulbs is provided.

In areas where temperature falls below zero in the winter, bulbs dig out and store as dahlias.

In regions with the short warm period the sandersoniya is grown up as room culture. Use universal soil with addition of coarse-grained sand. In the alkaline soil of a plant get sick hlorozy and can die.

During the summer period it is desirable to take out a sandersoniya on fresh air, then it will blossom more magnificently and more plentifully.

In November - January house plants should provide rest. Stop watering, then cut off the dried-up stalks and keep in the cool place.

It is necessary to remember that the sandersoniya is a poisonous plant , in it alkaloid colchicine is found. Bulbs need to be stored in the places inaccessible for children.