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Transitions, borders, tonell... The birth in new reality.

Having realized desire, beginning a way to dream you can face barriers. Stop. To turn back or to go through pain and fear? What will help? Article - personal experience of the author on the way to the dream.

The dream, is a lot of in this word... You represent yourself in desirable space, can already feel smells and tastes of the granted desire. But to be born in new reality, it is necessary to pass a way of the birth. Often it can be thorny not covered with petals of roses at all. Meeting difficulties many can tell - this way not for me. Wait! You do not hurry to refuse dream.

This article - my personal experience. Experience not simple, but shown how internal forces of resistance can build barriers, and only with one purpose - not to allow to be beyond, borders of the existing world.

The little man passes on patrimonial ways squeezed from all directions by muscular pressure. The last breakthrough, is visible light at the end of a tunnel, but here and the bottleneck. And here freedom! Around all unfamiliar, unknown - here it is new reality.

When we begin to seek for creation of new ourselves, the new reality? For everyone it is individual experience and desires. But the general for all: transition from stability to a neizvedannost, is rather painful.

Difficulties temper! As on the example of the birth in the natural way we see that the child passes stages, overcomes difficulties and the initial discomfort is a floret, in comparison with the last tests. You can tell that there is such way of birth as Cesarean section. It agrees, the children born in such way have a stage no training and difficulties, but. You are taken and at once moved from heat and comfort to uncertainty and, perhaps, some features of children - “C-section babies“ are not studied in scientific theses yet.

If you did not request change in the life, but feel what begins to squeeze you from all directions - rejoice. You are kicked from habitual reality in new. It is possible to resist, but how you think - somebody carried out all life in a stomach at mummy? Postulate the first: do not rest - will push out.

Or you decided to change yourself, go with the accurate rebuilding plan of the reality, and here. Problems begin to pour from all directions. It is possible to shout - I did not want so! But it is just empty phrase. If you head for real changes, but do not create illusion of a cloud about spiritual development or a new profession, then changes will unsettle anyway, sometimes very much is even painful. Here the notorious word INTENTION comes into force. It when you go towards the aim through pain, driving away fear, jumping through barriers, often falling, rasshiby knees and getting scars of knowledge, looking at which you can always lift a milestone event from memory.

So, a conclusion from everything is higher than told:

Pain, pressure, squeezing - an indicator of the beginning of transition.

In new reality too very much is not comfortable in the beginning.

Intention - a way to the purpose which is force capable to help to sustain all adversities and pain to take off from the tunnel and to be born on light of new reality.

So... Hello! Several words about: I am dentist with the 20th summer experience. Besides the main work for the last 8 years got a psychological education and completed many special courses and schools on the subjects interesting me, but it not the main thing. The main thing is that I write all life. I write stories, small essays and... But, small nuance, I write generally to a table. Only the closest friends saw several my works.

At the end of April, 2015 I honestly admitted to myself that I want to write. To write for public. And here began....

Workshops and schools for writers began to come across. Information which never caught sight earlier to me. It is just an indicator of intention which began to highlight to me signs on the way. It is the law existing always.

I learned about a course of conscious writing at the beginning of June. Learned and drove away from itself thought: “But whether not to go to me to a marathon?“, having explained with employment in other projects. Time of a marathon came also in one day prior to the beginning of a course, honestly, I do not remember as, but was registered on it. On the same day, besides, without understanding the reason made on statement of a tooth implant an appointment with the doctor on the near future. This procedure, by the way, I postponed one and a half years.

The platform of passing of a course for me absolutely unknown space of Facebook where I practically understood nothing. And here the first deadline coincided with draft version of article, neither more nor less, with day of “terrible“ operation. You can ask why “terrible“, you the doctor? I will explain - knowing much, it is very terrible to decide to undergo through this procedure. But was visible fear of public writing even more, time subconsciously I found for myself the most “terrible“ tests that if that, there would be an excuse: “A pier badly felt therefore it did not turn out“.

But intention - the great thing and in a semi-conscious state from under my fingers left this article. It shows transition and the birth. The birth in new reality where I yet plainly know nothing. But I am glad to study and, perhaps, my opening will help someone to decide on the desires and to realize them in life.

Upon any transition it is better to create intention and the purpose. Will not cease “to flatten“ from it, but at least you will define for yourself the purpose - achievement of which, will make you happy.