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“One day on the beach“.

Critique concerning Sofia Bayun`s miniature “On the beach“.

My dear readers! Tell, please, as often in the summer you come to the beach and you could tell at least about one of such days: than it to you was most of all remembered what experiences was more - positive or negative? At the same time, of course, there is one condition: the story has to be bright, interesting, fascinating and keeping the listener or the reader in attention till the end. Instructiveness of history - is not obligatory!. Well that, there are persons interested?.

No, I do not announce a competition of resort stories. Though, likely, paltry idea not bad!. And especially I do not want to tell you the beach history.

Just not so long ago I read a miniature of the writer Sofia Bayun under the name “On the Beach“ and I want to share the impressions with you. The first that it seemed to me, - a miniature autobiographical. And therefore I will risk to call the author the heroine sometimes. Of course, it should be noted that the miniature was written easily and it was read on one breath. However, it is not all its advantages!. Mainly, I liked in a miniature several other things: the author in one story managed to connect, apparently, not combinable - from a family subject, to an easy piquancy and rather strong sharpness, thereby transmitting through it many different experiences which happened to it in one day. And therefore, reading a miniature, I also experienced different emotions (we will talk about it below!) .

Two more things which were pleasant, - lack of platitude and existence of a strong moral position. I do not know who as, and I already for it am ready to respect any author.


As I promised above, we will talk about emotions!. What to me as to the reader, most of all it was pleasant? What moments in a miniature I would re-read again and again? Perhaps, one of the brightest and as it seems to me, the most cheerful episodes - reminiscence of acquaintance to the spouse when it, wishing to draw attention of future half, went before it on hands to and fro. And he, according to our heroine, achieved the. My God! What only for the sake of attention of the woman you will create! Likely, here not only on hands you will go, but also to climb palm trees. Still I was touched by the description of the beach. With your permission, I will quote it: “One edge the beach adjoined to yachts - to club. From - for the small cape snow-white beauties - yachts continually came up, on open water straightened as birds wings, sails and were carried away afar. What can be more romantic than the sail which is growing white “in sea fog blue“ even if it is the sea artificial? And I as captivated, watched the yachts which are dissolved in the shining distance“.

Poetical picture, truly!. And here, however, most there is a wish to be carried away behind these sails in a distant distance.

What still was pleasant to me at our heroine the story - it is the place where she not without irony writes about children, which from a heat (and, likely, not only from it!) completely became stupid. I will cite again: “Also it would be possible to hide and to wait cataclysm if not my five-year-old sons. Kindergartens closed for all summer, parents with children got out who as was able. I was able only. Thanks, at work understood position and gave summer holiday. I did not manage to sigh as the number of children in my apartment doubled: the sister habitually defined “to a heap“ the niece, and afterwards and the girlfriend, looking penetrating in eyes, implored at me for a consent to presence at group of her offspring.

How in kindergartens tutors cope with twenty children at the same time?! I could not cope with four. Walks on the street were cancelled because of manifestations of continentality of climate, children refused to draw, mold and listen to art reading in my execution flatly, ignored the TV and only for days on end as they abnormal, shouted and rushed on the apartment, sweaty, red, lambasted. Therefore when the husband found an opportunity to take out our branch of a madhouse to water, I was immensely happy“.

I, reading these lines, of course, slightly smiled; but in too time, it seems to me, here it is possible and to sympathize a little with poor mother at whom not only that its two sons on the heads to her on the head go moreover the girlfriend with the sister of children threw. How here, however, not to go crazy!.

From other party (yes my heroine these words will forgive me!), I think that also it is guilty of this situation partly too: a lack of education talent and inability to take a situation under the control, spinelessness … Here to you and result - children do not obey you.


Yes the woman`s companions will forgive me (and the author among them!), but on me how on the man, the moment with girls could not but make impressions - nudists (you remember, I told above about an easy piquancy?) . And impression at me the best. But it at me it, thank God, not only because there girls almost in full night-clothes … It to me will be for pleasure a little. And there it was pleasant to me, in - the first as the author showed this picture - without platitude, it is accurate, maybe, placing strong emphasis on a type of girls … in too time he moralizes, does not condemn young bathers as the grumbling grandma, but also does not hide the position on this occasion that though our country davny - lives long ago during an era of freedom and democracy (and the author accepts them), however not all are ready to use them to the full extent and to dare to become bare to everything. In - the second, I in this place like also behavior of girls: yes, they have a rest in quite scandalous look, but at the same time behave quite decently and do not deliver to vacationers of discomfort; yes, they draw attention of men which not against to get acquainted with them, but at the same time do not contact ABBA whom, do not make impression of readily available maidens … Possibly, in it there is some manifestation of mind and good education too. And, perhaps, girls just wanted to have a rest with themselves. Though, according to - zhi Bayun, girls looked for more worthy company and found it in faces of young people from the boat which came to the beach behind drinks. What, let will be as the author told! Eventually, why not to assume such option that in the company to have a rest more cheerfully! If only the company was suitable.


However the strongest and in too time not the most not unambiguous impression on me was made by an episode with the little girl - the homeless child and the man who had a rest on the same beach where there was also our heroine. Reading this place, I was first slightly surprised that the child has a rest on the beach in such strange and untidy look: “A skirt - ineptly and roughly altered from torn, shabby jeans, a top - from gray from dirt kapron tulle. Under tyulyyu the same dirty and fragmentary bra was visible“. The first impression before I learned what the girl homeless, was that she arrived to the beach from the wild island or something in such spirit. However the logic got the best and I asked a question: “Children without adults do not go to the beach. And if so - that where parents and how much they dressed so the child?“ and I see

But when on the reading course I nevertheless meet one adult man what sort of the relation at them with this girl (and that was not just a homeless child, and still the juvenile prostitute and the thief because at the end of history it this man cleaned), nothing remained to me how to share indignation and indignation of my heroine concerning sexual abuse of minors. Moreover, I approve its rush to cause militia and I sympathize a little with the fact that it had not to be made as no obvious offense could be shown. In public they, in fact, did nothing immoral, and for sex they retired on the autoparking. Concerning craft of the young homeless child I, perhaps, will refrain from comments.

And here into the account of the man I have questions: if he “hilled“ the nymphet - the homeless child what it on the boat got then when children with girls came after a new portion of drinks and a food? Why he made uproar there, the girl by a hand became a hand? It what - became stupid from the sun or from sex?. If from the sun - that it has to be cooled in water (that partly and it was made, but at the same time to the man still punched a physiognomy) and if from sex - means, it was necessary to call doctors and let they would bring it in the right place and to the necessary people. In too time I feel a little sorry for this man: all see ashore that he is beaten and though one creature would come running on help … is not present, all stand and blink.

At the end the author wants to wish good health and new creative victories!