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The letter to the little sister that married the businessman

Letter to the little sister that my dear little sister married the businessman

Hi! How are you? I did not see you long ago and missed. It seems to me, you avoid a meeting with me after our last meeting, but fault, not my in volume, that everything so left. We did not want to offend your husband, he seemed to us just very impudent again. And you know how we treat this line of the modern person.

Always there were people who do not accept any critical remarks, and it seems to me that your spouse just from such here people. You say that to us it is necessary as that to come into contact with it, but it seems to me that it it the reason of our misunderstanding. Last time, when it arrived to us to the house with you, it seemed to me that it absolutely mounted to you upon a neck. It was not pleasant to me. Therefore I did not become it a companion.

Well, and how are you, tell me, sweetie pie? I do not believe that at you everything is good with this person. Better you would not marry it. The father and I you were dissuaded. But you solved everything, you adult and clever. Why you did not perceive our councils? We what, we bear the malice to you? No, it cannot be because you - our blood.

Dear sister! Try to bang the promised herself that does not suffer further. We love you and are ready to help you in this case. No, do not think, expensive that we aimed all family at its business (though after everything it will pass to you under the law). And you will become free. Rich and free.

Only when it will occur, do not forget about the relatives. Brother, father, mammon. Be at home 17. 09. 15. I will bring you powder which causes demonstration warmly - vascular pathology. Heart troubles at your darling in this case oh as by the way. When opening this substance is not found, I as the diplomaed chemist tell it to you.

Remember that only the family will support you and will accept. The husband in a penny does not put you, and we appreciate you. And so will be always because we appreciate family values!

Gently I embrace you, the little sister and to a meeting in the appointed day. There we will also discuss details.

Your little brother Mishutka.