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Where to have a rest in Bulgaria? Saint Konstantin and Elena

About rest in Bulgaria tell a lot of miscellaneous - from enthusiastic impressions to the disappointed reproaches about the spoiled holiday. But there is one town which leaves only pleasant emotions - Saint Konstantin and Elena, the very first sea resort of Bulgaria founded in 1908. Here those who wish to combine quiet sea tour, visit of SPA - the centers and bathing in hot thermal springs go.

In the summer there is always a question where to go to the sea? As one of options, to Bulgaria. There are a lot of resorts where there come tourists from all Europe. If rest with active night life is pleasant, then to you to the Solar Coast or Gold Dust. And if there is a wish for moderately quiet rest, then it is possible to go to have a rest to the resort settlement Saint Konstantin and Elena.

It is one of the oldest resorts founded in 1908 which is near Gold Dust and Varna. Big plus - is a lot of coniferous trees. The smell of pines and fir-trees in combination with sea air creates a special microclimate with particles of negative ions. It is very useful for respiratory system. Already next day there is a healthy slackness in a body, good appetite. After the noisy gas-polluted megalopolis with greed you begin to breathe the real air. In a week you see that on a face there was a healthy flush, and on a waist - to steam of excess centimeters. Bulgarian cuisine very tasty, with a large number of fresh vegetables and greens. Portions are just huge, and the cafe and small restaurants are located continually.

In the settlement only several big hotel complexes in the territory of which there are pools and entertainments. Generally hotels of level 2 - 4 stars. There are only two five-stars hotels - “Grand Hotel Varna“ and “Dolphin Marina“. Some hotels are constructed a lot more years back. So Konstantin and Elena are for the budgetary rest, there are practically no chic and gloss. But budgetary not always means bad. In the summer the main thing is good beaches, the clean sea and tasty food. Besides, many hotels offer the guests the SPA complex - procedures and treatment by drinking mineral water.

Beaches municipal and free. It is necessary to pay only umbrellas and plank beds, but it is not obligatory. There is only a lot of people on the beach in the morning, but the place can always be found. And after a lunch weather often changes. In the sky there are clouds, and becomes cool. Therefore after 17. 00 on beaches already practically nobody bathes. Such climate is suitable for those who do not transfer a heat and high humidity. And there are a lot of families with children: such impression that you are in big kindergarten. Beaches small and sandy therefore children can quietly play near water. As in the resort not really there is a lot of people, beaches always pure, they are moved away, garbage it is almost not visible. Many come here by the cars, generally from the neighboring Romania.

Except beaches, in the resort there are thermal pools with mineral hydrosulphuric water. In general, Bulgaria is rich in thermal sources. Bathing helps with such pools at diseases of joints and a backbone, skin and a hair, nervous and respiratory systems, recovering from injuries. Temperature in the pool from 38 to 46 degrees therefore it is possible to be in water no more than 30 minutes for once. At the same time do not recommend to float because there will be very big load of heart. Also it is impossible to drink water, it can lead to diarrhea. Tickets are on sale as on one visit for 10 lev (slightly more than 5 dollars), and subscriptions. Some prefer to go to the pool in the evening when on the street not so hot. After the pool it is possible to visit a massage office. The only minus of pools is an old repair in the Soviet style. In the center of the resort there is a fountain with mineral water, and in some places mineral water follows directly in the sea.

In the Bulgarian resorts practically in all shops, cafe and restaurants more - speak less in Russian so the language barrier is not felt. Inscriptions in shops on Bulgarian can be understood too. In the Aldo supermarkets it is possible to buy products and things of prime necessity. On the central street - ranks of souvenirs. The main production which is bought by tourists - cosmetics and jam from petals of roses.

In the center of the settlement there is a monastery of Saints Konstantin and Elena which appeared long before foundation of the resort. Thermal sources left the mark also here: the water source hits into churches from - under a throne. In church there is a wonder-working icon of Saints Konstantin and Elena, and also a part of relics of Saint Valentin, patron of lovers. In the territory there is a well with healing water which can be bought in small small bottles. Claim that this water treats diseases of eyes. But nothing human is alien to conventuals what the satellite antenna testifies to.

In spite of the fact that discos and clubs open in the evening, this town is suitable more for those who prefer quiet rest. In the resort there are a lot of young families with children, and also the people coming from Bulgaria and Romania by the cars for one day it is simple to be bought at the sea.

From North side of the settlement it is visible one more resort - the Sunny day. It consists of only four hotels constructed in the territory of the former health resort of the Central Committee of Communist party of Bulgaria.

The settlement still stores the atmosphere of old resorts. As before, people walk on parks where there is no exhausting heat. The sun, coniferous trees, the sea and tasty Bulgarian cuisine - week of rest passes quickly.