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Poroshenko wants to return the Crimea through the Crimean Tatars.

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What sees Poroshenko on the horizon of development of Ukraine? Somalia? It is too optimistical... The leader of Social Revolutionaries Sergey Mironov considers that Ukraine is waited sooner or later by big shocks.

“ If the country the main ideology puts denial of the history and the essence - such country breaks up. In Ukraine there is nothing positive, development not just stopped - it went back. But as Ukraine gets in the way of interests of the most powerful countries, it will be just broken off. Of course, if the people do not understand in time that it idetv an abyss. “ - the politician considers.

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of News of Ukraine, on July 17. On Thursday, July 16, during a meeting of the Constitutional commission the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made the next attempt to return the Crimea to structure of the country. This time he went too far, and played the card of national interest of Krymsk - the Tatar people.

The head of state urged members of the commission to consider the special status of the Crimea in the Constitution as national territorial unit of Krymsk - the Tatar people. The head of the Crimean office of Institute socially - economic and political researches (ISEPI) Alexander Formanchuk called this step the act of powerlessness.

“It is the act of powerlessness of a ruling nationalist class of Ukraine from - for inability to realize so-called strategy of return of the Crimea. The Crimea is the Russian territory today and lives under the Russian laws and under own constitution where there is a realization of the rights of Krymsk - the Tatar people“, - Alexander Formanchuk noted.

The political scientist also called Petro Poroshenko`s statements instigation to growth of nationalism in the Crimea, however doubted success of the strategy directed to radical exiles. The Crimean Tatars, according to Formanchuk, will not support similar strategy as their rights are observed fully. He noted that this Friday is declared in the Crimea in the day off in connection with celebration by Uraz`s Muslims - a Bayram, for all history of the peninsula as a part of Ukraine nothing similar occurred.

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