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What to do pampers of?

Bodies of the jellyfishes who captivated the southern seas in recent years for 98% consist of water. Using the surprising adsorbing properties of their fabrics, researchers created natural material which can be used in the most different purposes. Advantages of a novelty are that, unlike synthetics, after use material decays without trace. One of its possible applications - children`s pampers.

In recent years in connection with climatic changes is louder and louder than steel “declare oneself“ of a jellyfish. Today more difficult than ever to ignore them on beaches and in industrial zones on the coast of the warm seas. Jellyfishes ruthlessly sting careless swimmers and hammer municipal pipelines, having wound around the screw, stop the boat engines and even as if ecologists are nonconformists, stop nuclear power plants. In general harmless creatures for some countries gradually turn into a problem.

Despite inconvenience which jellyfishes give to people at these ancient inhabitants of our planet is to what to learn to civilized mankind. The surprising beings who stiffened at the crossroads evolutions between plants and animals have neither brain, nor even the central nervous system. But they successfully move in ocean waters and possess some abilities on which repetition scientists and engineers without cease work.

In particular, jellyfishes contain up to 98% of moisture in the body that does them by “wettest“ among any known beings. How they manage it? In a body of a jellyfish there are no capacities in which it would be possible to reserve water. Their body, in fact, in itself “capacity“, it as if the sponge, accumulates liquid in fabrics.

Ability as it appeared, extremely important at our way of life. Possessing material with similar properties, it would be possible to fight without effort against floods both milk on a kitchen floor, and oil in the World Ocean.

In any case oil. As a result of use of usual diapers more than 70 kilograms of waste within the first year of human life are formed, and popularity of children`s hygienic means only increases in process of distribution of the benefits of a civilization.

Researchers tried to find out how it is possible to adapt surprising properties of tissues of jellyfish for the solution of wordly problems. As a result of efforts the Israeli startup of “Cine`al“ received natural material Hydromash (Hydromash). Dry, flexible and strong Hydromash is received from jellyfishes who and become in the spring the real damnation for the Israeli beaches in the summer. Representatives of “Cine`al“ claim that the adsorbing ability of their material several times is higher, than popular bumazhno - cellulose products from TV advertizing.

Ability to absorb a large amount of moisture - not the only advantage of Hydromash. In the world there are a lot of synthetic materials working not less effectively. But all of them are made of polymers which do not decay in the nature throughout centuries. Hydromash absorbing moisture several times is more than own volume, decays in the natural way within 30 days and at the same time competes with polymers at cost.

The president of “Cine`al“ Ofer Du - Nur (Ofer Du - Nour) is sure that the new product can be demanded by the Israeli government which spends millions of dollars to protect from jellyfishes of tourists and the water area of ports. “There are too many jellyfishes to the sea and too many pampers on dumps. “Cine’al“ can give the final answer to both of these questions“, - Du - Nur believes.