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To the movie “Secrets of Quantum Physics“ (the 3rd part)

As my readers can already understand the comment I stopped watching and commenting on video on poor YouTube for the reasons described on my page in Google (in the last two posts). At the moment there are a lot of affairs and so far I am engaged in anonymization and creation of couple of hundreds of clones working under barbarous laws of YouTube. But all the same, when I sit down to eat not to linger I watch different movies. In particular, there are a lot of good movies on trackers. With good movies I am solidary and concerning them to write especially not what. But there are movies about my “favourite“ quanta and quantum physics. Here on one of such movies there is also a wish will stop.

We perceive smells as balalaikas. It is proved by nuclear physics.

Well is still florets … The second series “Yes There Will Be Life“ - shocked me even more. It became offensive for all biologists on whom so inconsiderately and narrow-minded put with these noses and birdies. It seems to me shockingly. In - the first, by the principle a key - the lock not only bodies charm, but also all enzymes and practical all work: recognition the stranger at leukocytes, transfer of neuromediators all this works by the principle a key - the lock. And this physics of the biologist - laymans the doubtful experiment decided to cross out all this. Well - well … In total not what, but these their poor ideas on everything to pull quanta popularize. And not who cannot will intercede for truth and to object them … Were lived. But we will return to experiment with molecules a marked deuterium, or tritium (I do not remember). These experiments not news. They were not once carried out. On the one hand, really there are chemical elements with radioactive tags which not as do not differ from the original and can join safely in a metabolism, but on the other hand still call water with a deuterium dead water, so all currents are a difference and radioactive elements behave all currents a little in a different way, and can break a metabolism therefore it is not surprising at all that substances, marked radioactive isotopes did not cause effect. And besides it is not quanta, and in banal radiation. All perfectly remember that they at explosion on an emergency gave iodine to force out and to allow to get to a shchitovidna to iodine 131 which causes cancer. But the cancer reason not in magic fluctuations of the unclear quantum nature, and it is trivial, in radiation iodine of neutrons which break the mechanism of cell division damaging DNA. Therefore to prove that radioactive any atoms not such and to the fortuneteller it is not necessary to go, and especially to resort to the far-fetched unreasonable imaginations shown in the movie. But there is more to come mistakes and oversights. The 22nd minute is farther. The author originally in own way invents contrary to all scientific facts “why cyanide smells mindalyom“ - buddy, a deer to poguglit before doing the movie for the Air Force? To learn that almonds and contain that cyanide about 2 rrm. According to them it also smells. To guess why so, it is not necessary to be the captain evidence and to play a balalaika. Rotten eggs smell of hydrogen sulfide because in the course of decomposition it is produced there, mint respectively menthol etc. But for the sake of justice It should be noted that sometimes our bodies of charm bring us and not only bodies of charm. Almost all pharmacology and toxicology is constructed that days of a molecule have something the general with others. If it something the general interacts with a receptor including and charm, then the corresponding answer is caused. Such cents of molecules are called the active centers. The molecule can be perfect another BUT if the active center approaches a receptor that it will cause the same answer. Usual chemistry and not what sick quantum imaginations. And more than it is enough examples of it. To say that not molecules interact in some ephemeral waves just absurdity. Isolate then molecules so would pass only waves and we will look you will hear a smell or not. And that it is so possible to dofantazirovatsya as chemicals do not contact with each other directly, and send some waves which change their structure. Not, radioactive of course send, but it is not chemistry and effect of radiation any more I described above. And the reason why different molecules cause identical states for a long time chemists described and in it there is nobody there is no riddle. Enough sometimes it is even simple to look at a structure of substance and to tell that it will cause the same effect since it has the same active center despite the fact that it is perfect another. Though sometimes it happens not enough since an organism difficult piece different enzymes there. By the way the same cyanide is surprisingly transferred just as other gases by birth contacting iron. And matter is not that cyanide radiates some waves, as well as oxygen or carbon dioxide, and just because it competes with oxygen for iron in a cytochromoxidase. If to continue analogy of a key to the lock, then also everything is simple. You can open the lock oxygen - a call or a master key - cyanide. But opening by cyanide, this crime and you for it will be put, and cyanide will get stuck on long with a molecule of iron having broken oxidizing a recovery consecutive chain having led to death. But for example, a spoon you will not open the lock. This actually and the answer to a question why some molecules cause the same smell, and others are not present. It is usual chemistry. One molecules interact with molecules of receptors others are not present. They can interact even if are not similar. As the master key and a key capable to open the lock are not similar. And still you can open a door scrap, but same does not mean that the key and scrap radiate the identical waves opening a door. And here a cudgel you will not open a door any more. Also and in chemistry. One substances interact others is not present. And furthermore in biochemistry. Read supromolekulyarny chemistry, there it is in detail shown as there are interactions of the difficult molecular centers for the principle of the same ionic, covalent and eventually van - der - to vaalsovy communications. In total by the same principle (negative charges make a start positive are attracted). One influence this or that center and that as the structure of this or that substance will affect it. At such interaction there is also an impulse the amplifying and giving nervous signal since their structure of active center is not present probably others. Also it is not necessary to invent any waves … And I can ponapridumyvat that too that began to smell it small leaflets of paper on which it is written what particles by what have to smell. Or mice and flies arise in meat and old rags … And Earth stands on 3kh elephants …. Same

both with tadpoles and from ekzitona. Apparently, to someone over was bribed to protect a dessert in order that opponents forgot all data known before then was enchanting discoveries on the basis of absurdity and populism are made. If the first series still somehow can be looked, then the second with balls is a new genre - nauchnop - the profaning comedy.