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To the movie “Secrets of Quantum Physics“ (the 2nd part)

As my readers can already understand the comment I stopped watching and commenting on video on poor YouTube for the reasons described on my page in Google (in the last two posts). At the moment there are a lot of affairs and so far I am engaged in anonymization and creation of couple of hundreds of clones working under barbarous laws of YouTube. But all the same, when I sit down to eat not to linger I watch different movies. In particular, there are a lot of good movies on trackers. With good movies I am solidary and concerning them to write especially not what. But there are movies about my “favourite“ quanta and quantum physics. Here on one of such movies there is also a wish will stop.

An electron the same wave, as well as polyfoam pieces on water.

Now other experiment with an interference of electrons.

Besides, instead of that to find a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon in the movie gives some absolutely ridiculous conclusion that the electron when flies, turns into a wave. and here before collision with an obstacle (as though knows when it is) turns into the particle behaving as a wave. Generally, next nonsense of explanations. Probably experimenters did not hear about the principle of the razor of Okkam. And it is a pity. Well for a start costs will agree that even particles can behave as waves if they very small and there is a lot of them. That it is even possible to call a particle water which so clearly demonstrates an interference since it consists of water molecules. So, in fact interfere particles as well as waves and to argue there is nothing. But experimenters went further they let out in some way on one electron. I will not ask how they managed it, but is admissible. And what from that? As the wave not of what does not prove that they behaved since. these electrons flew not in full vacuum, and material between cracks acted on them causing their flight. Material consists of molecules and electrons here they spilled in through a crack and deviated on the same trajectories on which have to waves will deviate. For this purpose we will give other bright speculative example. Frankly speaking, exactly I did not see off it therefore I will be glad if someone carries out and will confirm or will disprove. Generally it is necessary, as well as in this experience to create ripples on water (an interference of waves) In fact such ripples are created itself from hardly noticeable electromagnetic waves at fluctuation of any particles what we would not take. But the ripples do not interest us, it is only a driving force directing electrons. Now we will take pieces of very small polyfoam, here they that also will be electrons. We will let out polyfoam on one or all in free floating on these ripples from point A and to point B at once (where it will be fixed). I very much doubt that polyfoam will be distributed and will behave as a particle. Most likely it under the influence of waves will go down stream a model similar interferential picture. And what? It what means that polyfoam a wave? But I want to note that experiment can be made differently, likely it is possible to make so it also did not turn out. Therefore that also argue still on effect of the observer, etc. to nonsense. Confused

mixed … This phenomenon I rather criticized recently

in the next stamped wrong video of YouTube, still before understood that YouTube is a rubbish pit on which to criticize something there is no sense since messages are deleted there by different trolls and immoral persons of near mind. However, YouTube a separate subject of which I will be engaged later closely though I already devoted it couple of articles. Generally in that video which I criticized on YouTube if does not change me memory did not even mention Bela and absolutely deformed this experience. In which for some reason exposed not Bor and Einstein zashchitimo to such complexity. So nauchpok on YouTube has a rest … Each blogger with 3 classes tells education confusing everything on light trying to repeat a couple of the worn-out phrases with Wicky. But the benefit this movie is shown in more detail and in detail an essence of this dispute. It pleases though permission of this problem is besides not rather in detail shown. My logic as it became clear after viewing of this movie was, is similar to logic of Einstein who found more plausible explanation with gloves. In my comment on YouTube it were the cut rats and pieces of plasticine. The sense does not change. But why according to this to a formula, unclear for me, Bella turns out that I and Einstein we are mistaken - I did not understand. On the basis of some speculative formula?