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To the movie “Secrets of Quantum Physics“ (1 part)

As my readers can already understand the comment I stopped watching and commenting on video on poor YouTube for the reasons described on my page in Google (in the last two posts). At the moment there are a lot of affairs and so far I am engaged in anonymization and creation of couple of hundreds of clones working under barbarous laws of YouTube. But all the same, when I sit down to eat not to linger I watch different movies. In particular, there are a lot of good movies on trackers. With good movies I am solidary and concerning them to write especially not what. But there are movies about my “favourite“ quanta and quantum physics. Here on one of such movies there is also a wish will stop.

At once I will notice that I am not a physicist the nuclear physicist and my criticism of this masterpiece is directed not to an essence of experiments any more, and to their wrong interpretation, and, above all absolutely not a convincing and far-fetched explanation. Perhaps it it does not seem to someone, can to physics everything seems it is coped and is smooth. The plots shown in the movie at them are supported with formulas which they know. I do not know these formulas and as most of inhabitants I do not understand an essence of so interesting phenomena. Though even it is not interesting to many inhabitants, and they do not try to estimate movies crucially and to understand. Nevertheless, I not such it is interesting to me to understand and understand. So beginning of the first series: “Secrets of quantum physics / BBC. The Secrets of Quantum Physics (2 series from 2) (Jim of Al - Halili)“

Photons behave as particles? And you tasted soup?

is not clear why, what light from shorter long wave and bigger intensity beats out, electrons, and from smaller are not present, has to will be explained by the fact that it is a particle. Why the fact that the wave is more intensive is not an explanation any more. Equally well it is possible to make experiment in which will be confirmed, as waves of small intensity can influence electrons. Can carry out such evident demonstration everyone, as well as in the movie. For this purpose it is possible to take a tray for example with a bowl of soup. The plate will be atom, and soup electrons. Try to lift and lower slowly a plate with soup from a floor over the head so not to pour it. I think if to be careful, then it will work well, it is not obligatory to fill a plate to top. Now we will present that such raisings and lowerings are waves of a red range, they are also big. To show that it is waves lift and lower so 10 times. If to do that is careful soup will not spread and if to make so 100 times, then it is possible and to be tired since you will spend energy, and soup all the same will remain in a plate. Now we will make the same experiment with short UF waves. Their intensity is more. I.e. as I understand energy, in fact, in them can be as much since they short, but per a unit of time and spaces it is more fluctuations (fluctuation sharper). Therefore a plate with soup it is necessary just to pull top and down at the level of a breast and a stomach, but more quickly and sharply. As a result soup will spread. I.e. energy you will spend as much or even less, but will pour soup (electrons will change the situation). Thus, it is visually visible as intensity of a wave influences soup in a plate, i.e. on electrons, and for this purpose at all there is no need to invent some enshteynovsky quanta (balls).

So whether physicists of what, does not finish speaking, whether again feed inhabitants with pseudo-scientific noodles which not as do not explain real experiments which led to conclusions that an electron it not only a wave, but also a particle. I of course the nuclear physicist and much do not understand not physics, but having watched many such movies and read much nauch - the priest of books of this subject, they either contradict each other, or show to presentation, torn off from an essence of real experiences. Especially the fact that many such presentation repeat literally in each nauch irritates. priest. the movie and books, repeat one in one and not droplets do not go deep into an essence and do not even try to explain as that not to cause the nonsense described above.