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What cats speak about?

Many aelurophiles, consider that they already understand the pets, and some only try to decipher different “meow“ and “messes“. Scientists conduct researches, counting quantity of sounds and cat`s “words“. But that joint life with cat`s became simpler and more clear, many efforts are not necessary - cats adapt under our speech and behavior. So it is necessary to know to understand them?

Monkeys were learned to speak a sign language, and they not only not bad coped, but also began to joke in a modern language. Dolphin language is learned by already people, trying to decipher messages of marine mammals each other. With not smaller eagerness aelurophiles of the whole world try to decipher that is told by their cats.

Cats are, of course, not monkeys and even not crows. They have special “language“ if it is possible to call it so, it is constructed not as our, human, in words and their values, cats communicate both gesture, and a look, and a smell, and only in an insignificant measure “words“, that is a sound. At the same time they have no strict lexicon - the same sound in a different context has different values, sometimes opposite.

It is counted that cats can make about 130 sounds - from purr before shout. If to consider them as words, then as we treat the word depending on its environment - other words, the unions, pretexts, it is also necessary to take “environment“ of cat`s “speech“ into account. For cats it is a pose, distance, even the provision of wool.

Not necessarily purring cat is at pleasure top, perhaps, he does not even show trust. In a compartment with the raised wool, an uneasy look and wide pupils, purring says rather that your pet is nervous. In this case he purrs to calm down most or to calm the owner. Sometimes cats make similar sounds when to them it is painful, at childbirth, for example.

The knowledge of similar nuances considerably will facilitate joint life with an animal. A cat - a clever and cunning predator which to all other lives side by side with the person not one millennium therefore cats perfectly adapt to us. The kitten in few months can understand what sound it is possible to achieve that the owner will get up and will open a door and as it is correct to ask food. Nevertheless there are general rules which work with the majority of cats.

All cats perceive a direct look with widely open eyes as threat. Therefore when you get acquainted with a new cat, after a meeting eyes look away up and aside. It you invite her to contact, but will not state threat. The same rule can be applied to “indecisive“ cats. There are cats who can long sit next, without having decided to jump to you on knees. Sometimes it is disturbed also by owners who stare at a cat, expecting when she, at last, makes the decision. Such look seems to a cat threat, but in combination with a relaxed pose the signal becomes unclear, and the animal remains in perplexity. In such situation it is worth looking at a cat and to take a look aside - up, it will be a peculiar invitation.

To the contrary, if you do not want to let a cat on knees, but also you do not wish to banish her and to frighten, look steady at her and bend to a cat a little. On themselves they consider the movement as if not threat, then manifestation of force. Therefore you should not be surprised that after in game some owners threateningly move on a cat, raising hands and rastopyrivy fingers as soon as they turn away, the animal right there will snatch on legs, sometimes absolutely seriously. The cat understood it as the real skirmish!

At a cat two weapons - teeth and claws, and all beings they “measure“ on themselves therefore your hand with intense fingers for them - as a paw with claws. As a result game with hands often passes into real stings and scratches.

Approximately such means cats have a communication with similar, and miaow, purring and other sounds they “talk“ generally to the person. At cats excellent hearing therefore they easily understand to what what intonation conducts and that means. Quite often talkative cats who respond to the speech of the person not just like that meet, and even getting on sense intonatsionno: “Saw, Barsik that is created?!“ - the owner says. “Meow!“ - Barsik is indignant in reply. “Here and I about that!“ Hardly cats understand

what we speak about. They can remember about 300 words in different estimates, and the same word told with different intonation is set off for several. Nevertheless similar communication is, as a rule, very important for cats.

Despite all talk that cats become attached to the place, but not to people, it is very faithful and sociable animals. The majority of them really loves the owners, let and does not express it as enthusiastically as dogs.