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Mud-diggers. Why reconsider history?

each medal has two parties. Also and history has different points of view, - one of them truthful, and another false. Examining of a plot of historical events from other point of view, than it was earlier, leads to distortion of historical reality. Revision of results of the Second World War also leads to distortion of real events.

Recently in mass media there is a dispute between liberal representatives of the intellectuals of all aspects of history of the state asserting the right of the people for knowledge and those who consider that it is not necessary to do it. It is that some figures (apparently inspired by Snowden`s act) the got access to KGB archives decided to expose heritage of “damned Stalinism“ and its allegedly artificially created symbols.

On own stupidity they made it or on an instigation of agents of foreign intelligence agencies who seek to seize any opportunity to glance in KGB archives for obtaining information. Anyway, but the published data can please only our potential opponents applying methods of psychological influence against the people of Russia. Begun even during cold war which, according to Americans, Russia (USSR) lost.

In each civilized human society initially there is a set of rules and instructions forming the moral principles of society based on the myths and events forming ideology of the state. There are charismatic leaders, for example: Arkady Gaidar in 14 years entered CPSU, and in 17 years ordered a spare regiment. Died in 1941 in 37 years.

Or Nikolay Ostrovsky in 15 years the cavalryman of the First cavalry, in 17 years the worker of ChK, died of wounds in 32 years in a rank of the brigade commissioner (brigade commander). These people were symbols for an example and imitation of two generations of the multimillion population of the country. Heroes the making feats on fronts of the Great Patriotic War were other symbols uniting residents of Russia (USSR).

And if Ostrovsky did not live up to the next war, and Gaidar did not blow up one grenade one thousand tanks, and died as the ordinary citizen, battling against enemies, to discredit them, it was not what, despite a noble origin of Gaidar. Researchers found other subject which cannot be considered proved for 100%, but, nevertheless, as they consider sign.

For example, there is a version that the pilot Nikolay Gastello did not make a feat for which he is esteemed as the hero. Other plane, and Nikolay Gastello`s plane crashed into the German column, having fallen short of this column, fell in a bog where allegedly found documents of members of its crew. Slung mud at the person who gave the life in fight against fascism and the correspondent written about this feat.

And further other more scandalous exposure: it appears, as “Panfilov`s men“ not what not their heroes there was more on number and among them there were traitors …. KGB archives found the protocol of interrogation of such traitor. And again befouled the fallen heroes and the correspondent writing about them. I do not know for what reason, this 29 - y the Panfilov`s man gave up in captivity. Perhaps, pomegranate only 28 pieces were, both was not enough for it, and it did not go with a shovel against the tank, and can be it took the wounded.

It is the tragedy of many thousands of our compatriots who were taken prisoner, being wounded or unarmed and last German, and then and ours of camp. It is the tragedy of their relatives who got under an okruzhayushchegodavleniye press as members of the family of traitors and deserters. I am glad that found and buried my relative, the regular officer who was listed nearly fifty years missing persons and how many they yet not found lie on the former fields of battle.

At my acquaintance rehabilitated the father deprived of all awards and who stayed ten years for the fact that was taken prisoner recently. And we are acquainted with methods of work of bodies of KGB when the person could be put on a false denunciation or a trumped-up case. Though, probably, it can be justified too somehow when in society hundreds of spies from among our compatriots were introduced. As well as now as, it appears, there are people ready to cooperate with the foreign states

Ya do not own the word as the writer Prokhanov who warns that it is impossible to concern the ideological symbols uniting the people of the former USSR. I can only add that it is techniques of manipulation with consciousness of citizens which are applied by Americans since cold war which did not end, and proceeds. We can see it on the example of the former republics and the former allies on SEV where the states fall and there is a war.

For me more to traitors not that poor fellow 29 - y the Panfilov`s man who appeared will of destiny before the terrible choice is, having remained one in front of the opponent`s tanks. For me these traitors are historians who distort the facts for the sake of sensation and open KGB archives before foreign intelligence services seeking to get there long ago. And which favourably similar “exposure“ of symbols.

For me traitors are correspondents who took out in the people this exposure of the Soviet shrines and accused of not professionalism and distortion of events of war correspondents. Yes they were 10 times more war correspondents who in the conditions of the most severe censorship and under fire of the opponent got the necessary data. They were more honest also poryadochny today`s, - I trust them, but not these, sitting now in convenient offices.

It as in the song: “The country my native is wide, it is a lot of in it the woods, fields and the rivers...“ And fools there is also a lot of going along roads of history for something to find sensational. But I do not want that some mud-diggers the dirty hands and thoughts dug and tried to discover the “fried“ facts, in our recent past muddling history. In the information world of my parents, in the world which they lived, trusted and took for granted.

I do not want that sexually anxious people, dug in the history, vulgarizing our recent past, the fabrications about sex during war. Because except the perverted representation of the researcher of the truth is not present there. Mentality people had another and morality there is no which left now, unfortunately.

Now along with an obolvanivaniye of the people occurs comprehensive manipulation with consciousness and replanting of false memory