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Anti-virus protection of

we will touch upon a subject of anti-virus protection Today. Let`s consider the anti-virus DrWeb program, installation, possibilities of the program, advantage, shortcomings.

Opportunities and characteristics of the program.

The main plus in my opinion is the possibility of installation of the program on already infected computer for further check and neutralization of malicious applications, at the same time there is no need for use of additional utilities. Also there is a wish to add that the distribution kit has the small size and after installation occupies 15 - 20 MB on the hard drive. The interface of the program is rather simple and clear in use. For experienced users the opportunity of change of settings which allow to set check at choice is given. Updates of the anti-virus Dr. Web bases are released very quickly and are issued in process of emergence and the analysis of new virus programs. Speed of anti-virus check of various objects can vary due to customizability of the anti-virus program. The possibility of a temporary suspension of monitoring of disks is provided by the scanner.

Dr. Web reveals and neutralizes virus, malicious and undesirable applications:

Potentially dangerous software

the Incorporeal Script viruses

- viruses

the Advertising software (Adware)

Polymorphic viruses

Hacker utilities

the Espionage software (Spyware)

of the Program - thieves of passwords

Troyanov (Trojan programs) Keyloggers

of Spetsvirusa for the documents MS Office

Harmful scripts

the Installation Dr. Web

Installation of an Antivirus of Dr. Web is very simple

and takes a little time. From first minutes of work the antivirus does not demand additional special settings. This anti-virus program is very clear in the address, it works by the principle “put and forgot“. Process of updating of anti-virus bases is completely automated and does not demand any additional actions from the user of the anti-virus program.

Application of the anti-virus Dr. Web

program For anti-virus protection this software product can be used both at the enterprises and on home computers. DrWeb allows to protect computers in a corporate network, servers of the enterprise.