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How to eat to women of different age properly?

Nutritionists investigated as the age influences food needs of women. You learn from article how it is better to eat during the different periods of life. What products it is more preferable if you are young and that will strengthen health after forty, fifty and when to you for sixty.

Nutritionists investigated as the age influences food needs of women. The general principles of healthy food are invariable throughout all life. In process of passing of different vital stages certain nutrients help to adapt better to healthy life and to feel younger and strong.

What is that to whom for twenty?

Healthy food is not among the main priorities of many young people. Young women strive for success, money. Look for partners. Day is filled with different interesting things. There is no time to think of healthy nutrition. Nevertheless it should be made to avoid problems with health in the future.

At this age it is important to care about health of bones. It will help to increase density of a bone tissue that will reduce risk of osteoporosis in the mature period. Calcium, vitamins K and D - here that in a priority. All this can be found in dairy products, green sheet vegetables, egg yolks and a salmon.

To guarantee sufficient intake of calcium, nutritionists recommend to eat three groups of dairy products every day: 200 g of milk, portion of yogurt and 30 g of cheese.

It is important to think also of enough cellulose. Often the youth gives preference to fast breakfasts with the high content of salt or sugar. In such food there are not enough fibers. Shortage of fibers in food can lead to locks, digestion problems, an elevated pressure at mature age.

Wholegrain or oat flakes with the cut pieces of fruit for breakfast will help to provide with enough fibers and key vitamins. Flakes can be filled in with milk or juice.

What the organism of the young woman after thirty wants?

the Principles of food the same, as for young ladies.

And here the young ladies who are going to start the child have to think of that their food before conception and was vitamin-rich later also minerals. Calcium is necessary to both mother, and the child. Nobody cancelled cottage cheese and fermented milk products.

What prefers an organism of women after forty?

often suffer from

During this period of the woman from a hypodynamia. Speed of exchange processes decreases. Excess weight here. To feel all charm of this age, it is necessary to practice regular physical activities, to pay attention to the healthy food rich with antioxidants and vitamins.

Excess weight in the middle age is risk factor for heart diseases. We think of prevention of Alzheimer`s disease and cancer. Brightly painted fruit and vegetables are the best source of antioxidants. Five portions in day of various antioxidant food will be the reasonable decision.

Are recommended to monitor sufficient intake of iron in the woman`s organism. It is important for immunity strengthening. The liver and fast red meat are the best sources of iron therefore try to eat red meat at least two times a week. You do not need to eat huge portions, 100 g are enough.

If you do not eat meat, choose the vitaminized flakes for a breakfast and eat many green sheet vegetables, such as beet, spinach, green beans, an asparagus and broccoli.

One more delicate problem about which it is necessary to tell: to exclude alcohol. Introduce for yourself the rule: to drink only a glass of red dry wine.

What demands an organism of women after fifty?

In this age group problems with health already often meet. A high blood pressure, diabetes, the increased cholesterol level - the most widespread guests.

The diet with the low content of fats which includes many fruit and vegetables is the best way of prevention of these problems.

Besides, at this age it is necessary to think of sufficient intake of calcium again. Women enter the menopause period. Bones become fragile. The risk of osteoporosis is big. Therefore it is necessary to use more dairy products, at least three portions.

Enough the Omega - 3 is recommended. Few times in a week fat grades of fish, especially a salmon, will be very desirable. If to choose canned food, then you remember that preserved a salmon, sardines and a mackerel it is more preferable, than a tinned tuna. Linseed oil - a rich source the Omega - 3. Fill with it salads.

Choose the Mediterranean diet. It is based on abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables for receiving vitamins and minerals, useful holesterin.

Women grow old. Fat accumulates when ladies accept too many calories and do not burn them in everyday life. Active lifestyle and feasible sports exercises are obligatory. Jogging or fast walking, yoga, swimming - choose on the taste.

A special subject - smoking. At this age to smoke - already bad form. It is a shame and it is indecent. Not to mention catastrophic harm for health.

what food needs the woman for sixty?

In a golden time of life the organism becomes less effective in absorption and use of many vitamins and minerals. The long-term use of drugs can reduce absorption of some nutrients.

With age digestion of iron, calcium, B6, B12 vitamins and folic acid decreases. Therefore, the need for these vitamins increases.

When we become more senior, our body tends to become less effective in absorption or production of vitamin D. Walks in sunny days are strongly recommended elderly people. Let open hands and a face absorb scattered sunshine not less than 20 minutes a day.

It is necessary to care for existence in a diet of cellulose and fibrous products, such as wholegrain products, oats, fruit, vegetables. The small glass of plum juice will help to prevent a lock in the morning.

It is necessary to try to include in the food many products rich with B12, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and grain breakfasts.

Only the general recommendations about food of women of different age are provided in article. Behind more detailed information it is necessary to see doctors.