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Make-up history. How women the persons began to decorate?

Are possible which - who will not agree, but it seems to me that the most attractive part of a human body is the face. Both shortcomings of a figure, and even bitchiness of character can forgive to the woman for a beautiful and expressive face. Not without reason from time immemorial the fair sex tried to correct lines of the person - to hide its shortcomings (both hereditary, and age) and to emphasize advantages.

The ancient Roman poet Ovidy so directly also wrote in the treatise “Love Science“:

“Seldom you meet the flawless person. Hide defects...

In the body and the person if in power to hide them!“

However, that for one people - defect, for another - most that on is, advantage.

For example, “the beauty`s ears as if pelmeni“ will frighten off the European, but will cause delight at Masayev. In this African tribe appeal of the woman is estimated in many respects on length of ear lobes which begin to stretch in the childhood. To age of consent of a lobe hang down already to shoulders therefore incidentally not to be hooked for bushes, beauties should … put them for an ear. But what scope such “pelmeni“ give for jewelry! Insert a wire, a beads and quite impressive disks into the punctured holes of the woman. They say that sometimes lobes even act as pockets for different small things.

Even more shocking look beauties of other African tribe - Morsi which stretched the lower lip by means of the disk “pelele“ inserted into a section (with a diameter up to 15 cm!) . Assume that first this “plastic surgery“ was done not for ornament, and, on the contrary, for scaring away - that on the disfigured women other tribes and the Arab slave traders did not zaritsya. Soon men of the tribe got used to these outstanding lips, and after - even fell in love. When the traveler David Livingston asked one leader why it to do with the woman, that directly answered: “For appearance. What would be a woman without pelel?“ Same

the New Zealand Maori would answer a question: why they prick ink in lips and a chin of the women? Rather would even sing lines from the song:

Washing the daughter, lay down that I could paint you and tattoo your chin!

That were not told by foreign people when you enter their house:

“From where this ugly woman?“

Lay down, my daughter, I will paint you and I will tattoo

your chin to make you beautiful:

When you will be for a holiday, you will not be asked:

“From where this woman with red lips?“ We will make by

you charming, We you will tattoo

Custom to paint

the persons - in general, very ancient. The wheel and a plow were not invented yet, the first city is not built, the first letter is not written, and our ancestors already used paints - a coloring. Reasons for a similar grimirovka were the most different: in one make-up frightened enemies, in another - talked to spirits, in the third - entered the marriage relations.

And, of course, especially estimated decorative cosmetics of the woman. For them it and remained a peculiar “fighting pattern“ by means of which won and won the hearts of men.

Already 5 thousand years ago in one of the most ancient civilizations - Egypt - we can meet all that main cosmetic set which women use and until now. And it is possible to find in the Egyptian burials also first “cosmetics bags“ which included, at least, seven grades of grindings and two face colors.

It is enough to look at the well-known bust of Nefertiti once again to see - her face quite would fit for advertizing of an Ancient Egyptian make-up. Eye shadow of the queen is used by black paint so that to give them the desired almond-shaped form. Egyptians eloquently called paint “we pave“ that meant something it seems: “what does eyes speaking“. The contour of eyes directed directly to temples, being extended in those “arrows“ which will return to fashion in 1960 - e (Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra looked then it is very modern). Did not do also without the green paint which is so loved by Egyptians which was received from the pounded malachite. The Egyptian beauties carried out by her a strip under eyes and used as shadows.

The nose was appreciated thin and direct, eyebrows - the arc-shaped and long (as well as a contour of eyes, they were brought almost to temples). However, Egyptians appreciated cats even more. If the “sacred“ animal died, then her owners had to shave off eyebrows - as a sign of mourning.

There were also analogs of lipstick - for example, minium (iron oxide) or the cinnabar representing sulfide of mercury and as you understand unsafe. The carmine which was made of the acid made by females of the cochineal insect - a small insect of group of semi-coleoptera was considered as the safest lip color.

Egyptians and more available powder from red clay which was applied both on lips, and on cheeks used. Some tried to obtain effect of a rumyanost in more unpleasant way - rubbing edkovaty juice of an iris in cheeks.

As for the general tone of skin, dark-faced Egyptians sought to bleach it, having given lighter yellowish shade. That skin seemed is still lighter, on a neck and temples added blue veins.

Leonard Kotrell, archeologist: “Beauties of Greece and Rome admire

, but do not concern us. They seem same cold as marble from which they are modeled. But if to put on a dress “from Dior“ Nefertiti, and she will be included in it into luxurious restaurant, then will be met by delighted looks of attendees. Even its cosmetics will not cause a gossip“.

Be continued.