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Europe was tired of Ukraine...

If someone in Ukraine thinks that all Europe sleeps and sees, than still to help poor Ukraine oppressed by a big angry bear, they are mistaken...

Ex-the prime minister - the minister of Estonia Yukhan Parts to whose opinion listen in Ukraine reflects whether long still the window of opportunities will be open for Kiev. In sense, a window to Europe. Here it consider almost the guru to whom European integration secrets and therefore they interviewed a little are known unknown to Ukrainians.

of the Guru from the attracting West opened for Ukrainians of an eye. “In the EU there is more and more scepticism of rather new Ukrainian power, - informed of the bitter truth of the guru from Estonia. And for some reason added: - Europe was tired“...

I remember, the chairman of the party of members of the party “Just Russia“ Sergey Mironov still at the end of last year uttered “Europe in my opinion already does not protect the new Maidan power any more. Europe was simply tired. But the USA pursues the strategic policy, and on opinion of some Europeans we will softly tell them, from a high tree... Therefore everything will be as uncles in Washington do, but not as some leaders of some European countries (according to the Washington hawks) think“...

Ukrainians do not want to listen to the Russian politicians... They need surely thoroughbred geyropeets. There now to you please - the thoroughbred European. Even to an aritsa probably...

Knows the how and why of things. There is more visible to them, in the West.

Europe begins to feel fatigue from the Ukrainian question, it is obvious. From the country which constantly demands something, in which reforms are not carried out, and corruption only grows, very quickly there occurs the fatigue at those who were in captivity of illusions earlier.

Inadequacy of the power in which its majesty the “chaos“ generated by the internal conflicts reigns (Yatsenyuk against Poroshenko, nazis against oligarchs, Kolomoysky against all, army against national guard etc.) the provoked USA, can lead to the most terrible conflict capable in the shortest possible time to thin out the population of Ukraine, and remained to make concordants on everything.

Already today nonsense, lie and inadequacy of Kiev political “elite“ leads Ukraine to humanitarian and economic disaster.

Concerning events in Ukraine representatives of the EU are still loyally reserved. However Europe feels that to clear up the “trouble“ which is stirred up by the United States nevertheless it is necessary. While Europeans and their leaders are extremely concerned by provisions of the coalition agreement on membership of Ukraine in NATO and bold “pro-NATO“ statements of P. Poroshenko.

So, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank - Walter Steinmeier declared that Ukraine should not count on the fast accession to the European Union and NATO.

“Modernization of Ukraine is a project on generations. It does not make sense to speculate concerning the accession to the EU today. Concerning a question of Alliance acting there is what I told within months: I see partnership of Ukraine and NATO, however not membership“, - the minister noted.

Besides, he warned against long separation of east Ukraine from other state and hoped that in the region “not all is solved“.

In turn, the president of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman completely supports opinion F. - V. Steinmeier about impossibility of membership of Ukraine in NATO also gives preference to fixing to Ukraine of the neutral status. Zeman also supported the statement of the chairman sotsiat - democratic party of Germany Zigmar Gabriel who declared that “Germany has to make in positive sense revaluation of the relations with Russia“. Moreover, similar appeals are even more often heard from lips of the most influential and authoritative representatives of the European Union.

The Foreign Minister of France L. Fabius on air of France Enter radio station absolutely clearly let know that nobody wants to deal with the country which government refuses the people living on Donbass.

“When the Ukrainian side says that it will not pay pension to the people living in the east or when the new government says that its present purpose is an accession to NATO, it represents serious problems“, - Fabius explained.

In fact “to warm“ present Ukraine in the EU - same what to let in the one who is not going to reckon with others the house.

Europe was not simply tired, it was disappointed in the American Ukraine project. The burden is necessary to nobody. And the simple Ukrainian people which became a subject of the political bargaining, simply a change in others game have to understand it.