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Whether such bribe-takers our GAI officers? The fairy tale

Yes not and long ago it was. Not that the grandfather of my grandfather told it and at the same time said that he from the father heard. No, I personally remember all this. The Karelian GAI officers in any sauce did not take. Did not take also all here! What is necessary - receive and undersign. And that something is absent moreover and moreover -. In any time. Even do not offer. To that witness.

On holiday I was. Houses. Well, mother also speaks: go supposedly bring to Svetka (to the sister, means) testicles there, cottage cheese, cucumbers from a bed. And that, probably, the maid in the regional center that was starving absolutely. Well, I also gathered. Threw gifts in the car, jumped in it, turned a key in the lock of ignition and … On gases!

The regional center reached without adventures. And drove to the city … Yes - and … Old - that after together with Germans electro - the iron and steel works was started, expanded. Residential districts new... Member of the Young Guard, Star, Olympic, Miner … Here is how to the Miner to it?

No, if in the center, at a military registration and enlistment office there or at bus station old … And problems any. And here? What there mother told?. We slip the first intersection, and on the second we leave on the left? In an extreme row and … Povorotnichk! Braked … Passers were passed. From a neytralochka and - to the course.

Faugh - uu … And the movement - that in the city became. Not that earlier - two carts and one milk tanker.

Further … Directly, it seems, it is necessary that on Komsomol, to the bridge through Oskol to jump out. What directly? All people to the right somewhere leave … And me? And there it is not necessary to me. Fie you! Directly - “brick“ hangs … And what? And - aa … Directly it is necessary to me. Directly!

* * *

Well, in - about - from … And who invented only this law of meanness? To deprive of it, a reptile, a quarter award together with a progressivka that knew what the following time it is not even necessary to think of!

Hundred - and - it … Striped joyfully so waves a stick. Give supposedly the friend, to a roadside. To a roadside, so to a roadside.

Well, nevezukha … Two “holes“ in the rights already are.

* * *

A so, by the way, then along the right side of the driving license, through a hyphen, all categories driver`s, from And to D, were laid. And at each category from an edge - three empty columns. Where that broke, the inspector to you a special puncher is direct right there, on the place of commission, the protocol was made, well, and a makeweight to it - a hole.

At times broke - the second. Well, and the third if … In total. Merge water. On the administrative commission that the term of your lawlessness will define that already then, on the expiration - on a repeating an examination.

Therefore when two holes at you in the rights are already punched also the third here - here... Here such performance of two actors! Storm of feelings and emotions. Desdemona has a rest.

* * *

Ya, already habitually, documents - from a glove compartment, in a low rack and I am going to start …

It now, cultures - multur. Stopped, sit quietly in the car, driver`s a trifle having sublowered glass, and wait when the inspector approaches you. And then … Be enough the papers and - races - ohm to the inspector.

Generally, only I am going to start as … That for devilry! … Itself to the car goes. And a muzzle - such happy - happy.

Well, the last and without what explanations clear. “Caught!“ Shcha - the expert will begin …

- Good afternoon, the commander …

I suddenly:

- Hi, zemelya! What brings you here?

- Yes here, to the sister, on the Miner is necessary … to

- And it - that what here?

Yes what, about all rodova, perhaps, to tell it? Well, the owner - the barin. Better about the family, than the last hole in the rights:

- Works at a bakery.

- From the house - that, how long?

- Yes here and hour is not present as left …

- Well, do not fill in, darling. Where Karelia, and where we with you? Nearly two thousand versts. You not on the rocket!

I scornful gesture towards the “five“ parked at a roadside …

- I Watch - among all these “RUN“ ov, “DEMON“ ov, “BEM“ ov, - “KSYu“ a cheek dear!

Besides, to the word. Then not digital designation of the region on registration plate was, and alphabetic …

- the Karelian is, perhaps, a commander?

- Well, at last … Reached - oo … Yes I here to you beaten half an hour about it! And you all “sister, bakery“! No, here what at us, Karelians, be filled up simply, so it is natural ingenuity …

- And here?

- Yes I sent. Here, in the area … At high school of militia. You see?

Precisely. On a pursuit, the small letter “To“ to the utmost is slightly lower non-commissioned officer`s lychek.

- Now summer. Holidays. Here we on practice were also stuffed on regional departments. All right with work as this. Houses - that … Houses - as?!

- Itself as though you do not know? Karelian summer short, but low-snow. And end of May, so in general. Rains, rains … And holodryga … And here also heating was disconnected … In general, ambush full.

- Here - here. I noticed too how heating is turned off then on the city sharply temperature falls … Though again put on valenoks. It seems that all our boiler rooms not to houses, directly on the street give heat. A pike - that as? Passed already?

- Well. I speak, cold. Already somewhere beyond Tver uvidat the first sun. And so that at us that in Leningrad … Both pours, and pours. To Novgorod janitors also did not switch off.

- Well, and so … What else?

- Yes, it seems, all as usual. And - aa... Here! Here some Yeltsin on XIX - yu party conference from us was chosen.

- Well, probably, the order came to regional committee.

- Not otherwise.

- And under what “brick“ of the wood goblin got?

Well, began … Remembered-!

- I say yes - the sister at me here. Works at a bakery. On the Miner lives in a hostel. Mother also sent her a rural gift. Cottage cheese, cucumbers, eggs of tens. I - that from here. From the area.

- So if, you speak, local what under “brick“ got?

to it this “brick“ Here was given!

- Yes I as graduated from school, so, consider, from the ends. Study. Army, again study. Work. One, another. Here so, unexpectedly - unexpectedly and to Karelia got. And here, without me … There was no everything on one place. Watch how the city expanded! Not to learn. So, approximately, for old time`s sake I hold the direction … To me that on Komsomol, to the bridge to leave, directly?

- Directly. So itself you see - “brick“! You curtailed early. The following intersection was necessary to you. And already then … Really, all directly and directly. According to the prospectus, through the bridge and to the Miner. Without turning. On the Miner the house - that what? All right, sit down in “pyatyora“. Now we will stop a magic wand of which of natives and … To your house with the pilot ahead we will sweep.

* * *

Less than in half an hour I already stuffed gifts on the Svetkiny refrigerator. And the sergeant, saying goodbye before back to get into the “pilot“ car, even from products refused to take something.

- Where? Yes to me even the whole day to stand on a heat. Your cottage cheese will go out! Eggs? Well, you give! Where you saw the cop with a staff in one hand and a string-bag - in another? Yes your Old all following five-years period in a voice will neigh and to remember “that cop“! All right, zemelya, be. Still we will see …

* * *

did not see. And there was a fairy tale somewhere there. Far - it is far in the past …

A what? Someone will tell - not the fairy tale? Yes as! To pass under “brick“, to violate rules, and not just deserved to avoid punishment, but also with the point-policeman as the pilot the place to reach. And for it even payments fair not to give.

The fairy tale …

Of course, time absolutely another outside stood. Tovarno - the monetary relations were stated only in the textbook of political economy. Now … General monetization! But also, if it is necessary, - on business, with registration of the protocol and under the receipt.

And I there, itself - myself, was. Honey - beer of saws …