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Work acquaint with higher, professional level in business and how to reach it.

03. 3 That we do not know about ourselves

Now we will raise also the third question. It will be final in this consideration, but not the last in the real subject and opening everything in it. It together with previous two bares only very small part of a problem.

Under what laws there lives a modern person?

the View of today`s European of everything listed above cannot but carry out by

research attention further, on how in general we understand the law. At the author the following chain and the question following from it turned out.

Each of us not only knows, but also is capable independently and without special work to comprehend and understand that in our world everything has natural construction - atom, molecule, cage, organism, Earth, Solar system etc. Also internal processes in all objects of the world, and also their movement and interaction are subordinated to laws. There are in it also exceptions, for example, of a comet - the science cannot explain their eternal luminescence and define time or the place of the next emergence in a sky. But exceptions they only because scientists do not manage to learn them, but not from - for lack of laws according to which they exist and move.

Understanding of the place and a role of the law in our life including as a necessary and irreplaceable condition of self-preservation , it is possible to see if not at all, then almost at all people and at all times. Though these people, it is worth noticing, unlike us, had no such equipment, technologies and opportunities. Examples and confirmations filled all life surrounding us, the majority of them came from the remote past and serves for everyone as clear and exhaustive demonstration.

Each army lives according to the law - to the charter. Its need and contents were always dictated by experience of conducting combat operations. Without it the army right there ceases to exist - turns into the armed mass of people which cannot not only accept or give battle, but even to take positions. Also becomes at the same time not protection, but threat any more for the state which created it.

Laws are followed from above by any of religions: she treats them, builds on them the church life, leads people. That each person had an opportunity to pass the terrestrial way is realized and is worthy, according to that best that in it is initially put by the nature, the Creator. Also did not plunge into chaos low, animal, did not lose the human shape, did not destroy itself spiritually, morally and, as a result, physically.

Before creation of the laws of behavior and a survival, to be exact the counterlaws - “concepts“ - even the criminal world guessed. Exactly thanks to following to “concepts“, in particular “To be pricked - the last business“, it still also exists.

One of the most important laws in human life can call tradition without exaggeration. Each of the people was formed from origin of tradition and developed under its influence, lives according to the. While it follows this law, keeps the customs, language, songs, fairy tales and all other heritage, until then he also is living. Also stores at the same time not only itself in general, but also each person - and as separate identity which was created in his environment under the influence of tradition and received the uniqueness and as carrier of this tradition, “section“ of “organism“.

Especially It should be noted in tradition that it represents the arch not only external, but also internal rules and laws. That is those which are controlled not by someone from the outside - leaders, leaders or elders, - and, first of all, the person. Also it becomes them of own will and consciously: with understanding that the tradition was carried by and kept through time and tests the closest and people dear to it. Thanks to what he received the life. So it is rather huge value. Which deserves the most careful and strict storage. And following will make by it it as person as the personality is stronger, richer, better and purer. Both simplicity and clarity of such thought will be available even to the most ingenuous and uneducated person.

Loss of tradition or its part, let the same language, will gradually lead to dissolution of the people among others. So death. From here, by itself, the parallel also queues up to separately taken person. There is no tradition - there is no internal law. There is no person also &ndash over time; instincts will inevitably get in it the best of all the rest.

The mankind also accumulated knowledge and experience which have international and interreligious, universal character. They are caused bytiyom and are suitable for any people, the person and time. And, anyway, are reflected in different cultures, religions, traditions and civilizations.

It is difficult to present today the person to whom would be unclear above. At least, in the first approach, when reading. Everything is built from well-known, fundamental and on elementary logic. However at more attentive studying other picture &ndash opens; “the person is learned on affairs“. To see it, we will return to tradition.

Today traditions, more precisely than its remains, adhere residents of villages and that to the senior generation. Residents of the cities for the last decades began to show more to it interest, but a basis of their life it did not become yet. Besides not everyone sets before themselves such purpose. And therefore by itself there is a simple and logical question: under what laws there live residents of the cities?

manages to Give i the answer to this question, especially at once, usually not to each person. As stirs “splinter“ in an eye and consequences from its presence. Not everyone can hear exact - here already “splinter“ joins in heart. He will show all the force. Especially when the person will try to switch the life to the course of the law chosen by itself. To enter in it life, to obtain at least partial compliance and the accord. The person can become on such way not always and usually quickly enough descends from it or imperceptibly faces vanity of former or surrounding life. Though as if and well understands that life under the law is a condition of self-preservation of the personality and one of the main differences of the civilized person. At the same time in other questions - career, welfare enhancement, movement on a social ladder, etc. - can show enviable will, persistence and persistence, to achieve good results.

The given illusions and problems from them - only small part from those which live in us, at everyone without exception. It does not make sense to describe the others. As for full understanding not words, and actions are necessary. As well as to see and understand all size, force, a role and the importance of already described. It is necessary to overcome all this. Only such practice will clear everything and will remove to new, healthy life. Overcoming the described delusions and mistakes, everyone will be able accurately to see over time as far as he is not just strongly subordinated lodged in it, but is literally enslaved them - is afraid even to oppose it or to change something.

After acquaintance to these features acquired by our nature it is possible to pass directly to the main subject. However its development will depend directly not only on acquaintance, but also judgment and elimination of the problems described in us.