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Whether it is necessary to put counters for the accounting of water?

I for the first time faced the matter about fifteen years ago at meeting of the public of one their districts of the city where the representative of a water utility explained to attendees that the water utility is responsible only for quality of the water flowing in the pipeline systems of water supply brought to a house facade. And the management company has to be responsible for intra house communications.

The representative of a water utility told about methods of charge of cost of payment for the consumed water and advised attendees to use counters of the accounting of a water consumption not to pay for neighbors who pour water without any economy., It seems, everything sounded logically, but something guarded in this seeming simplicity of the solution of one of questions of utility payments, put the counter and all problems are deprived.

We even did not assume then that there can come such times when water in Siberia abounding in water can cost, as in Africa which constantly have deficiency of water. And in the received salaries and pensions the citizens living in different regions of the same state will have a tenfold difference or hundredfold and even moreover. When heads of the separate state corporations can receive in day from one million and above.

These people with big salaries often are also reformers and optimizers of different government institutions. But we will return to counters. The offered panacea from all troubles of the coming and carried out municipal reforms “The metering device and control of individual and group consumers of energy resources, - in this case the water counter“ was called. These counters are put on pipes with hot and cold water and consider amount of the consumed water as it appears which, in real life can be much.

I live one, both payment for the electric power and water consumption on average does not exceed 500 rubles a month. And if a large family, then they, probably, time in three - four pay more and it is necessary to save water when they have to wash and be engaged in washing nearly every day. While counters for the accounting of water are installed for a period of four years for hot water and for six years for water cold. For a year of my accommodation in the apartment with the installed counters for water workers of a water utility came to check them twice.

But here time for replacement of the “hot“ counter, and the hostess of the apartment in which I live, came, called experts who had to check the counter and define a possibility of its further operation or need of acquisition of the new counter. Two persons came, one of them passed to the crane and included water that it with it did, I did not see, and the second lit with a lamp the counter and the turning dial at this time.

All procedure took 4 - 5 minutes. And here I joked that before bathroom equipment with adjustable spanners went, and now nearly with computers water is checked and as then it became clear unsuccessfully. One of checking silently, left the apartment with is proud of the raised head, and the second passed on kitchen and began to write the certificate on checking. On my question whether the left companion took offense at the fact that I called him the plumber, I was shortly answered that he is not a plumber, and the engineer - the metrologist.

My negative thoughts that the state, the next time, declining maintenance responsibility of budgetary organizations, on our thin neck the population also metrological service put were compensated by what the new counter is twice more expensive of, than cost of a call of metrologists. And how many efforts, time and nerves it is necessary to spend for installation of the new counter until the plumber establishes it, then will check proveryayushchiyy and will record the necessary digital combination.

Let better the metrologist will define that the counter serviceable and can work one more term, than start the epic on installation of the new counter. And in two years it will be necessary to check the second counter, and in two years this which was already checked. In general, in life, the service of metrology is very important. Earlier we faced it very seldom. And now we were given the chance to get acquainted with them closer.

If to count all costs of installation of counters of water consumption, then any visible promised economy of money I do not observe. But there is one not unimportant factor which consists that when in apartments of all inhabitants butene is adjusted the accounting of water consumption, the management company will be forced to watch the economy in cellars of houses and to debug in due time system of water supply and the sewerage.

Because now often happens so that inside - the house consumption of water exceeds those indicators which give residents of the house from the individual counters of a water consumption established in apartments. Also there are scandals when this overexpenditure on an old habit is tried to be shifted to residents. Claiming that the difference in indications reaching several cubic meters of water is done by the cleaner taking water for washing of entrances though these entrances often stand dirty months.

And behind them and the water utility will have to carry out in due time scheduled maintenance in the pipelines and eliminate all leaks which are now written off for the inhabitants using a water supply system without counter. Owners of water will be forced to deliver to the consumers clear water without dirt and harmful impurity coming from the soil to the damaged water highways. Though hopes that from the crane clear water will flow can not come true at current approach of pricing for production of utilities.

As the main indicator in this case the hope that establishing order in the accounting of water will promote that in the house there will be no leakage of water which washes away the base can serve. As we know it often now comes to an end in the tragedy leading to falling of the house. But if us still force to pay laboratory of test of soil under the base of the house, it will be big impudence from the government.