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Wanted to clothes take to let cloud

of Wanted to clothes take to let cloud, snow is beautiful kanas winter appearance, Edward Chen, glittering and translucent get rid of. Thick white grain of wood, like a sleeping child in kanas, quietly peacefully with sweet dreams. Flat basin were covered with snow, silver, white foggy, these chic wooden line, like rows of stones under the snow more quiet, elegant.

A curved river winds its way across the basin, basin is split in two, left a deep impression on the snow. All around tall mountains on pine trees, dense, layer cascade folds, surround a screen like caress acaroid falling asleep in the basin.

Acaroid gently quietly sleeping. The blue sky elyze, white clouds, snow mutual reflect, fairy tale world was embraced by the snow, like a long curly ink painters show in front of our eyes.

I am a man along the tuva marla imprinting of the snow sledge, slowly appreciate your fairy tale beauty. Pure white snow in my feet Long Cha, Long popped sound, like in the joy of love in pour heart. Natural, dignified elyze and generous tuva log cabin, dressed up in snow bloated, sleek, and through the lovely like fairy tale, editing, entire acaroid sleep under the thick snow quiet, comfortable, revealing the charm of significant in winter.

Cabin, stove rattling, warm spring elyze. Tuva people happily drink to play the piano, singing the happy life of today. Host hospitality, wine is not drunk not to lay down their wine bowl, bowl of fragrant beverage a bowl in the hands of people pass thick cordiality. Melodious songs fly out of the cabin, flowing in the boundless in the snow.

Snow also cheer to tuva. Set up their own marla sledge, fastest on fallen snow. where, enjoy planing in elevation, feeling of walking on the air flying, it`s fun. Relatives and friends can also take the sledge, convenient and quick. Wine was drunk, also is not afraid cannot back home. The host will take you fondle lying on the sledge, you need not tube, horse will pull you back home, family will light the lamp to wait for you. What a lovely horse! What a simple morals elyze, like this as the pure white snow on the ground.

Look! There, slopes above of horse race will begin. Slip away in the village of mara sledge to ChiQu there, waves tuva man on horseback are flocking to there, open in the snow with their banner flag, also pull up banners. Older tuva old village chief announced the match began, and dozens of horse Ma Yingsheng out, see a horseshoe sound, snow flying, an arrow towards the front. After a while, hailed the coming up with a young man. Young people are wearing red flowers in waved to you right away, presumably he must have won the championship.

Dancing snowflakes do not know when will float up, filled grain wood. Figure of singing away, however, is still in the foggy in snow of acaroid sky. I think, if: spring grass tree is to use green vigorous with infinite vitality; Summer grass tree with lush show the rich fertile; Autumn grass tree is to use the color transform the infinite charm. So, winter acaroid is with snow express the pure fairy tale, give us a dreamlike beauty to enjoy.

I slowly immersed in this snowflakes dancing in the fairy tale world, as if oneself also become a dwarf, acaroid quietly in the snow, like a huge cradle, I lying in it gradually fell asleep. Oh! I suddenly understand, this is what I find the hearts of countless home ah!

I`m in the snow acaroid yo...