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Jokes in a subject - Ukraine and all the rest

Sergey Mironov called the events in Ukraine suicide for show. “When the Ukrainian kills to himself the Russian, the history, memory of ancestors, sensible mind at last, it does worse not to Russia and not Putin. It does worse to itself(himself). And it unfortunately, will be very long“ - the politician told. And to us what remains? To explain svidomy something is useless. Only jokes...

Process of desovietization in Ukraine came to a standstill - on the American flag five-pointed stars are found.

- The wife so keeps order in the house that I cannot sustain more than it any more!

- So same is fine.

- And you imagine, you rise to possat in the middle of night, you go to a toilet and when you come back - your bed is already made and the bed is laid...

From the Ukrainian news:

“Yesterday Armed forces of Ukraine from Grad rocket systems fired at Ternopil“. you do not trust

? why then you believe

A that Armed forces of DNR fired at Donetsk?

- The girl, I am not iron! You could not eat banana in other place?

Poroshenko speaks Ukrainian and Russian. Saakashvili speaks on Georgian and Russian. Abromavichus speaks on Lithuanian and Russian. Attention, question: in what language they together hate Russia?

Historical joke (1997):

The young woman leans out of a phone booth:

- I was mistaken. Nobody needs number 17 - 86 - 42?

The economy is when you darn socks threads from tea bags.

- You did not hear the ninth symphony of Beethoven? What shame!

- you Will think, Beethoven did not hear it too.

No that for people, and? Called on to tea to drink - for the third day I feel: somehow not really here are also glad to me … Everything will end with

near Poltava. Near Poltava, Carle!

Well ateper serjezno. There is a good documentary publicistic movie “Kill the Russian“. The movie very much was pleasant to me.

Russia - the mother and so suffered much from any greenhorns and still suffers. If someone does not agree

with opinion of authors of transfer, let “operate“ with the real facts, documents, etc. that - and we could look, read and estimate their point of view.

Slava Otechestvu to the Russian and all people selflessly, both faithfully protecting, and loving the sacred Fatherland our Russian.

of Russia is not necessary Ukraine, and nobody is going to win it. remember yourself, all as if ran with oranges and shouted “give orange revolution“! and what left? Americans fucked up small cold war - the person who relied on support of Russia became the president. how many the American agents in Kiev? ten at most. how many the Russian? thousands..... Russia just holds Ukraine that not poperlas not from myself I will add to that steppe

Ya: it would be desirable that people evolved somewhat quicker, and that sometimes seems that we nearby left for good from the Middle Ages... in my opinion all already had to understand

that international aggression it is stupid and sometimes is even very sad. People always think the head, you watch less documentary film with a political bias, it is urged to impose you a certain opinion, be not gawks, you think independently, refuse stereotypes if at us it is considered to be Jews as kikes, Muslims - monkeys, Americans stupid (this most ridiculous, American movies the most popular with our people, the closest to heart and interesting, isn`t it? many of you prefer the European cinema or Asian? I do not think) that it does not mean at all that it is the truth.

the Government manipulates masses by means of mass media and incites us against those whom it is necessary, and the people with an open mouth absorb...

Nationalism it first of all is primitive, each nation has merits and demerits and Russians and Ukrainians are equally far from an ideal if it is and it would be desirable that people resisted zombiing and imposing of opinion from outside more.

can Even consider this my post as imposing to you my opinion, but I just want that though someone (if someone reads it in general))) made for himself useful (as I think) conclusions. I think that to mankind long ago to move to a new level of thinking, same it is so simple...