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Where in a year it is possible to see more than one million lightnings?

the Nature is able to create from an everyday occurrence something grandiose, enchantingly - mystical. And then remains only delightfully, and at times and with horror, to look at the events.

Who could think that such phenomenon how an electric discharge during a thunder-storm, will be included in the Guinness Book of Records? What is a lightning? It is just breakdown between a cloud and the Earth`s surface (sometimes - between two clouds). It is followed by bright flash and a peal of a thunder. Breakdown happens, as a rule, single. And here in Venezuela in the town of Katatumbo many centuries every minute silently flash in the sky tens of lightnings. At the same time the thunder is not heard. Just clouds are very highly over the earth - five kilometers and above. The thunder peal from such height of the Earth`s surface does not reach.

Many centuries the incessant fantastic thunder-storm serves seamen as some kind of beacon. It is called “the Beacon of Maracaibo“ and was marked with a special sign on many sea charts in old times. Glow, fantastic on scales, is visible for hundreds of kilometers. However, once the thunder-storm for a long time stopped. There was it in 2010 during very droughty period. For this reason the water drain in bogs sharply fell. But then again everything went still. The drought prompted to scientists the possible reason of the most powerful thunder-storm on Earth.

It appears, the sea in that part where there is Katatumbo, almost all the time strongly storms. There often winds blow. They lift on the big height of a cloud. And the ionized methane proceeds from bogs around Lake Maracaibo where Katatumbo`s river flows, it reaches the electrified clouds. Electric breakdown forces to burn gas. Its density at big height is already insignificant. But it is quite sufficient in order that water drops evaporated, giving feed to clouds. There is not found out question why the congestion of clouds keeps over Katatumbo? The possible explanation - them “attracts“ in some way the large-scale uranium deposit in that part of the country.

The fiery high-rise, behaving violently flashes hurricane in Venezuela is most powerful “supplier“ of ozone on Earth. This “generator“ gives up to ten percent of this gas on the planet. In a year it is possible to see flashes more than one million lightnings here!

In an extreme antiquity Indians of the tribe yukpas (indigenous people of Venezuela) considered fiery heavenly spolokh as souls of people which are taken away by gods to themselves on heaven. Now to the grandiose natural meteorological phenomenon the respect tribute is paid too. In the anthem of the country there are lines devoted to the most surprising fiery beacon which reflections are visible to the ships in the sea for four hundred miles! On the coat of arms and on a flag of the State of Zulia (in its territory there is a phenomenon) it is possible to see lightnings.

By the way, in honor of the unique heavenly phenomenon one of the sniper rifles, best in South America, is called. In historical chronicles it is told that glow over Katatumbo helped inhabitants of this district to notice in due time and to successfully reflect attack of the cruel English pirate Drake who went for storm. Very interestingly and that clouds here not such what we see usually. They are not flat, and in the form of as if towers extended in height on many hundreds of meters. Why they have such form - to tell definitely difficult. Perhaps, here the reason in the ascending air streams.

Venezuela suggested UNESCO to take a unique natural phenomenon under the protection. He quite deserves the status international on the importance.