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Sniper Simo Hyayukhya: what can be specified today in the biography of the legendary person?

Travelling around Finland, happening in the provincial museums, it is possible to meet really curious historical data which are capable to specify information which is available in open access it is not worse, than the relevant archives. In spite of the fact that museum pieces do not replace archival documents, nevertheless, they shed light on events of bygone days. So it happened and this time when my way lay through a commune of Rautyarvi that in the province the Southern Karelia.

Appears from exhibits of the provincial museum Reservikasarmi located on a roadside 3961 that the legendary Finnish sniper Simo Hyayukhya was born nearly 110 years ago, on December 17, 1905, not in the settlement Rautjyarvi of the Vyborg province (that is known from the Russian sources), and in the settlement of Miyetil which entered a commune of Rautyarvi.

Data on youth and a large country family in which Simo was brought up are rather known from open sources, and are not disproved by data of the museum on its homeland in which, by the way, not only original photos and documents on awards, but also the legendary weapon of the sniper - a rifle M/28 - 30 a spitz-dog are exposed (financial. Pystykorva) at number 60974.

Running forward I will tell that the Hayukhya called on service in Rayvol in 1925 by the ordinary soldier of a bicycle battalion and which received sniper preparation being already the corporal in fortress Utti in Kouvola, only in 1933, in military operations of 1939 - 1940 against Red Army shot from an open sight and did not favor “optics“ as glasses of a riflescope became covered with hoarfrost in a frost. At this time Hayukhya served as a sniper in the town Cola, in 6 - y to a company 34 - go an infantry regiment of the Finnish army. The sniper knew also that gloss of lenses from far away can give its arrangement on the district. Besides, application of a riflescope forced the sniper to hold the head several centimeters higher (concerning a rifle without riflescope) that considerably increased risk of defeat from the opponent`s bullet.

From the birth of low growth (152 cm) and a thin constitution this Finnish soldier considerably caused a stir in Winter war of 1939 - 1940, having become a legend of the Finnish army and having received the second name “White Death“. On August 28, 1940 the marshal K. G. Mannerheim gave to the corporal S. Hyayukhya the officer rank “second lieutenant“. It is an unsurpassed case of prompt career in the history of the Finnish army. Simo Hyayukhya is also awarded by fighting awards among which there is a silver cross Cola, the Awards Freedom Cross 1 - go and 2 - go a class.

Certainly, except the favourite rifle it had skills of the practical address with other small arms, including used the Suomi submachine gun. Secrets of the famous sniper know everywhere today: it froze water a crust before a rifle trunk that at a shot snow did not fly up up, and also held snow in a mouth that steam from breath did not give it.

According to the documents submitted in the museum, the greatest distance from which Hyayukhya hit the live target made 490 meters (see an illustration of his position). Productivity of the sniper really blows the mind: 505 Red Army men from the beginning of “Winter war“ (on November 30, 1939) to a severe wound on March 6, 1940 after which Hyayukhya was recognized unusable to service with troops and despite numerous petitions it was not mobilized in 1941 - 1944, during “Continuation war“ again.

In this question there is no full clarity as in the museum also photographic reproductions with the image of the famous sniper in already summer officer form are presented; taking into account date of the order on assignment of the first officer rank such pictures could be taken only after its wound and not earlier than the end of August, 1940, and even later. Here original documents from the Finnish military archives would help to understand.

And nevertheless, on an attestation of eyewitnesses - the Finnish soldiers, for only one day on December 21, 1939 Hyayukhya from skillfully equipped disguised shelters shot 25 Soviet soldiers. “Achievements“ of the sniper skillfully used as the promotion weapon: the press created the myth about the hero already at the very beginning of war; as wrote newspapers, for the first three December days an unter - the officer S. Hayukhya struck 51 soldiers of army of the opponent. The exact number of the killed cannot already be defined: the statistics at that time was formed according to the sniper and eyewitnesses of events, besides, the struck soldiers and officers of Red Army remained in the territory inaccessible to the sniper.

Simo Hayukhya lived till 96 years and on attestations of eyewitnesses in life differed in modesty, did not brag of the merits given to the fatherland despite personal acquaintance to the highest bonzes of the government of the Republic of Finland, and without expostulating on the heroic history. One of the most productive snipers in world military history and the long-liver Simo Hyayukhya very seldom gave interview of mass media and mentioned the past only if necessary.

Devoted it articles and even musical compositions, and nevertheless today the few from Russians know that in Miyetil, in the homeland of the legendary soldier of the Finnish army and venerable son of the fatherland, there is a provincial museum in which the original documents of wartime specifying world knowledge of Sima Hayukhi`s identity are stored. The entrance to this museum, as well as in many Finnish museums, is open on a free basis. In the “thick“ book of visitors there are autographic records of impressions of the people outstanding and famous around the world esteeming memory of the victims and heroes of that of “not well-known war“.