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Professional business. What is it? - 4

Work acquaint with higher, professional level in business and how to reach it.

03. 2 That we do not know about ourselves

the Simple analysis of our general view on life in the previous part showed presence of “a mirror splinter“ at an eye - we see and we do not see at the same time as artificial alters our world, us and our life. Both we do not see and we do not realize as far as these changes extensive and negative. If from a general view to pass to its particulars, then it is easy to find confirmations of the given assessment, new mistakes and illusions and problems following from all this and losses.

For example, the distortion of our perception of reality is well visible also in how we understand fundamentals of physics and the universe - time role in our world and human life. And it is how incorrect from - for the inaccuracy in this understanding we build the life. And here already “splinter“ is found not only in an eye, but also in heart. That to see all this, we will raise the next question - “How we understand time?“ - also we will make small digression to our school past.

As we understand time

at a physics lesson told Once us that our world chetyryokhmeren, that is has four coordinates. Three spaces and &ndash matters; length, width and height - plus time. However after acquaintance with coordinates we any more about time were told nothing - all further course was devoted only to questions of matter and space. In higher education institution there was everything in the same way. And it became one of the reasons which created paradox, as in our attitude, a view of a nature, and in a way of life. And separately taken person, and modern European society.

It turned out so that at us is in consciousness time and matter in a question of domination traded places. On the one hand, we well understand that time - the main coordinate of our world to which everything is subordinated and can influence nobody it. Not to stop it, not to accelerate, not to let back. With another - our affairs show at us almost full misunderstanding of it. We look at time extremely narrowly and we do everything so as if it is not predominating coordinate, and a certain abstraction - just certain intervals and intervals between events, turns of hands, counting of the timer or something similar. Remembering only an extremity of the life and trying to be in time more during the periods which are taken away by it or themselves.

That is we remind children who are very keen on architecture and construction of the building, and climate, rainfall, soil waters and other natural conditions of the environment in which there is a construction and on which any building and life in it completely depends, on the immaturity and inexperience refer to conventions.

If to follow reason, then we would have to arrive, of course, at all differently. It is simple to proceed from ordinary logic and the known experience: in our world all has the certain laws, under them everything is constructed, lives, develops and moves. Therefore, time has to have laws too. And the physics together with other sciences confirms it. In particular, everything in this world has recurrence . as time everything is subordinated to

A, the knowledge of these laws would allow and to operate all this - matter, space, objects, their movement, events and so forth. Such simple conclusion too positively is confirmed by modern physics.

However we in the majority not only do not see it and we do not realize, but also we cannot change anything in the behavior and a way of life when we get acquainted with the given mistake. And it right there shows existence of “splinter“ in heart. How it occurs and in what its influence is shown? Everything opens creation of conclusions and creation of practical steps.

Conclusions can turn out at everyone various, but all of them will be axiomatic and as a result will take to one. Time everything in the world is based on recurrence, someone has to study it more widely and more deeply, to learn and inform the rest. And there could not but be a similar thought and need in former centuries - outstanding people were also before emergence of modern science. And, therefore, there has to be some science about time. Which in difference, for example, from physics, could show and explain, at least, to the ordinary person with a clear and simple language that such time. And to give the same language answers to a number of questions on its subject: as laws of time can be applied in the life what cycles can be used as well as what to measure them by that it gives to separately taken person, a family, society, etc.

Having passed from conclusions to search which would confirm or disproved them, each person will come by process of elimination as a result to same - to astrological knowledge. (Though we live during information era, this way, as a rule, will be difficult and heavy.) Practice will easily and quickly convince that the lunar calendar really works, brings clear and notable benefit. And does not disturb something in life in any way, for example, to follow a civil calendar, only everything well supplements. Just the same effect and result is yielded also by a solar calendar. When there is the personal practical experience, it will turn out that a horoscope - it at all not what tell mass media and “bulvarno about - journal astrology“. And that there is no alternative of astrology, and the last cannot but appear from - for devices of the nature of this world. That cycles planets of Solar system exert impact, both on her everything, and on life on Earth in particular, on all objects and processes. And that astrology has an initial level which is available literally to everyone and which will serve as “card“ and “compass“ in life. Which will relieve of need to go through life a blind trial and error method that it is necessary to do to absolute majority of us today. Etc.

Here will also be shown all force of “mirror splinters“. Some people so are subordinated to them that they cannot even look towards astrology. Taking sober and simple practical steps which will convince of fidelity of the aforesaid and will give useful knowledge. Solutions of the depicted problem at the same time do not look for the option. Often do not even try. Also come back to addition of “small pieces of ice“.

From here naturally there is a following question which will show force of the power of “mirror splinters“, still ó too; lshy. Application by the person of astrology does not mean at all that it has no “splinters“ or they do not work. And if they are, then surely have to be shown still by something simpler, than such difficult concept as time or science astrology. The question will be opened in the following part. Later it will be possible to show versions of the solution of our problems of “splinters“ and what it has a direct bearing on creation and conducting business and so forth.