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Professional business. What is it? - 3

Work acquaint with higher, professional level in business and how to reach it.

03 That we do not know about ourselves

to build and process case or it is useful to take any other steps to lives always and it is necessary to know himself, in the broadest sense of this word. And also the changes arising in themselves and changes. Such approach, of course, will demand to ask itself serious and direct questions and to give on them answers. And to do it it is, whenever possible, sober, deliberately, honestly, safely. Healthy pedantry and corrosiveness will not prevent in work also. The last allow to reach the end and not to make the most widespread mistake - to stop after a superficial acquaintance, thereby halfway, without achievement of “bottom“.

Various questions can become the beginning of a look in themselves, hardly in life there is in it only one right option. Can become one of the first not a straight line, to itself personally - as the person cannot see himself from outside, - and the general: to life in to which society we live. And which, anyway, serves for us as “mirror“. For example, possible it is possible to choose from all “As I look at life?“.

As we watch

at life

or “Kai`s Syndrome“

Most often a question of how we look at life, does not cause special reactions in us. As in ourselves we are sure that actual it can be only in several cases which are close to exceptions: when the behavior of the person attracts attention law enforcement agencies, constantly causes negative reaction of an environment or the help of the psychologist or physicians is necessary for it. Or he just got confused in life and sinks in the problems which arose from it. And as with all this the majority of us has no problems, it is not found and any internal discomfort which could have some communication with a question is not felt, we consider the outlook on life quite normal.

As a result the question in our understanding often moves down in the category philosophical or about it.

Its such assessment, of course, is partly right as our internal look of direct link with something tangible and material has no and is formed, first of all, by beliefs. However in it there can easily be a basic mistake if our approach in estimation is too narrow, and conclusions from it will apply for completeness. The special probability to miss appears when for an assessment only short cycles of life and its small scale undertake.

The mistake such in an assessment, alas, meets often. And our outlook on life, in the majority, is far from true, at times even from sober. That to see all this, it is necessary in the beginning to try to receive the answer to a question, having looked at life from a distance, both the certain person, and society. And to construct a simple logical chain by means of such approach. And after they are forgotten to look at some fundamental moments which we do not notice or.

We live in the world which is filled with a large number of artificial things and materials. Every year not only their number, but also characteristics grows, artificial promptly evolves. And it naturally and inevitably involves changes of the whole world and the life proceeding in it. These changes in ecology which us collapses more and more every year, and climate of Earth which changes also negatively affect human health and the planet are most noticeable.

The arising changes made artificial, certainly, cannot but affect or not be reflected also at the level of our identity, in life of each person - on his thoughts, words, actions, a day regimen, on household and general tenor of life, the ave. Especially as the materials and things creating changes are done by ourselves, consciously and purposefully, and for own use. They enter our life and through short time already become its integral part. We even become dependent on some of them.

To one of striking and bright examples of such changes serve emergence of the mobile phone which became available already to each person long ago. It allowed to simplify to us a set of important and daily tasks: to transfer or receive the message, to resolve some issue, the person does not need to go or go somewhere any more, to wait for something, to stand on the street in a queue to the device. Instead it is possible to press some buttons on the easy and convenient device which is located in a pocket. And somewhat words cellular even turned our life, and it became already difficult to be presented without it.

New and new opportunities which open before us the artificial things and new technologies serving, first of all, for production artificial cannot but influence also our inner world - our desires, habits, tastes, thoughts, aspirations. Natural and easily explainable for everyone is a desire to buy more productive computer or the TV with ó the lshy size of the screen to lay on the floor a laminate, but not a parquet, to dye a hair in original color or to take disposable tableware for picnic. Emergence of new desires and their realization inevitably lead in human nature to their association, addition in new system of values and to gradual replacement of former system of values.

Over time natural in it it will be forced out artificial which more available, more convenient, more attractive and is cheaper. And this process can imperceptibly happen. Change of values will become a new stage of our internal changes and will also inevitably cause change of our outlooks on life, emergence and formation of new. As for the rest of life in general, and for its separate composed. Also will lead as a result the person to change of its general idea about life, a view of it. To take away from a nature. As the human nature, the nature of the life is such.

Thus, as a result of all these external and internal processes we are gradually deformed from within. Perhaps, such formulation is too sharp for an assessment, it is applied more to the description of prospect from changes which happen already today. And these internal changes will surely be shown over time and outside.

The root of all these metamorphoses is covered, certainly, not in the most artificial. And not that it initially for us some enemy. And in what we began to forget that not we created the nature, but it us. And therefore, being its child and part, we will never be able to surpass it neither in force, nor in wisdom, nor in creations. And redundancy artificial as violation of any measure, will hardly improve the world and the person. At least because growth of the problems connected a lot of artificial steadily grows.

Today the main of external manifestations of the disharmony arising in us to us are already well-known: dependence from mentioned cellular, other gadgets, computer games, social networks, the Internet. Here it is possible to carry also cosmetics. From less noticeable and shown - new generations react to equipment and virtual stronger. They are more impressed with them, than a species of the wood, the river or mountains, walk outdoors.

Concerning subjects of this sort, it is worth not to forgetting, of course, that for the events in the, and at times and surrounding life it is worth asking first of all from himself. And vain will blame for something, for example, scientists who invented something, corporations which make invented, or the government, church, the organizations for the fact that they do not render any positive influence expected by us. Or, especially, to go to some extremes as it is done by some religious directions: to exclude equipment from the life, to impose some ban and excessive restrictions - Hippocrates said that poison differs from medicine in a dose. And this rule as confirmed experience, works not only in medicine, but also in all life.

From all this it is necessary to draw a conclusion that if the person passively treats the events at the personal level, in the life, does not think of the development and strengthening of ties with a nature on various cuts of life, then his outlook on life, on itself, on other people and the nature not only is distorted, but also is removed from true, harmonious more and more. As it becomes the carried-away stream artificial. And therefore in our hard time there is necessary a search for itself some new view and development of new lives and development. Or to adapt for itself something already known, from experience of ancient.

What says that in us “Kai`s syndrome“ appeared whether there are additional facts which more concretize his existence and manifestations? On these and similar questions statement of a new question and its studying will give the answer.

Be continued.