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What to prepare from eggplants? Simple recipes with excellent taste still call

Eggplants in Russia blue, blue though they are not so blue. Across Europe this vegetable of violet color of family of solanaceous extended in the 15th century. In our country eggplants are popular also that only from them is not prepared! They are added to vegetable and meat sauces, pickled, fried, baked, rolled up in the form of preparations for the winter, do a vegetable saute, caviar and many other things.

Eggplants in Russia still are called blue, blue though they are not so blue. Across Europe this vegetable of violet color of family of solanaceous extended in the 15th century, but is active and with pleasure there are eggplants began only closer to 20 - mu to a century.

From - for contents in them corned beef the overripe eggplants can be poisonous and unsuitable for the use in food. But young fruits at the correct processing are not dangerous at all, and are even useful to an organism. Eggplants should be eaten to people with various diseases or just indispositions, from warmly - vascular to zheludochno - intestinal. And as they are useful for growing thin from - for contents in them of the substances splitting fats or to just healthy people - and there are nothing to speak!

In our country eggplants are popular also that only from them is not prepared! They are added to vegetable and meat sauces, pickled, fried, baked, rolled up in the form of preparations for the winter, do a vegetable saute, caviar and many other things. Recipes a set, the Internet it is simply filled with culinary masterpieces from eggplants, choose - I do not want. And I want! Always eggplants were loved also in my family, and in families of my friends, and I am not going to separate.

I use the following recipes very often, each “eggplant“ season unscrupulously I use gifts of the nature and I prepare snack from blue up to cold weather. Snack are very tasty, it is possible to make them very sharp at desire, it is possible not really sharp, but less tasty they from small degree of sharpness will not become. Eggplants with pepper - a grill These eggplants I will prepare


until we with blue exist together in this world. Bor already on 1 kg lacks an eggplant and pepper that at once there is a lot of, and me. But I offer the beginner amount of divide into halves ingredients, and that suddenly will not be pleasant or it will not turn out? Though it hardly, is no place to prepare a dish more simply, and about “it will not be pleasant“ - in general there cannot be a speech.

For eggplants with pepper - the grill is required:

of 0,5 kg of eggplants.

0,5 kg of paprikas (if there is a choice, then it is better red, but any will fit).

Greens - parsley and fennel, on a half of a bunch, a little cilantro is possible.

Garlic - 5 - 7 cloves (on own taste).


Water - 250 ml.

Salt - 1 h l.

Sugar - 1 tablespoon

Acetic essence of 70% - 0,5 h l.

It is possible favourite seasonings. I add a little ground coriander, but this matter of taste.

Vegetable oil for roasting of eggplants and greasing of pepper.

First of all we will bake pepper. Ideally, if you live in own house and you have a brazier, then to it forward and redden peppers there. But if you live in the apartment, it does not matter, we will clean pepper, we will wash up, we will cut on halves (if large - on four parts), we will dry up. Let`s spread out on a baking sheet and we will oil vegetable by means of a brush. Let`s bake to a ruddy crust somewhere of a half-hour at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.

We will wash up eggplants, we will dry up, we will cut circles 1 - 1,5 cm wide. It is possible to salt, then to wash out, to wring out accurately. Then to fry from two parties to semi-readiness. To cut small garlic and greens.

The most difficult behind, it was necessary to put everything layers and to fill in with marinade. On a bottom enameled or glasswares (or just plastic container) to put layers: eggplants, greens with garlic, pepper, greens with garlic - and so one after another until as everything will be put. To fill in with marinade.

Marinade can be prepared in two ways. In boiled water of room temperature carefully to stir salt, sugar and vinegar. Or it is possible to add all this to the boiling water and to wait for its cooling. The main thing to fill in vegetables not with hot marinade. Next day the appetizing savor in the refrigerator will be such what crazy to go. Not less than a week is stored this miracle, every day becoming more and more tasty. For the use try to take the lower layers, they will become impregnated with marinade first of all.

Eggplants on - Korean

the Following recipe - collective. Met and tried several options. In the empirical way revealed shortcomings (onions taste bitter, still something not so) and here, I share result. In principle, it is not just eggplants on - Korean, and rather full-fledged eggplants vegetables salad on - Korean.

It is required:

Eggplants - 5 pieces.

Tomatoes - 3 pieces

Paprika - 2 pieces

the Bulb - 1 piece for salad and 2 pieces - for roasting for aroma of vegetable oil.

Carrots - 2 pieces

Greens, fennel, parsley and any other on own taste - at will.

Garlic - 4 - 5 cloves.

A coriander ground (surely) - 2 h l.

Chili powder (surely) - 0,5 h l.

Black ground pepper and other seasonings (optional) - on own taste.

It is possible to take ready seasonings for the Korean salads.

Sesame it (is desirable) - 1 h l.

Sugar - 1 h l.

Salt - to taste, but no more than 0,5 h l.

Soy sauce - 2 tablespoons

Vinegar of apple 9% - 2 tablespoons

Vegetable oil - 4 - 5 tablespoons.

Yes, there is a lot of ingredients, but all this little things in life, a dish is worth it. For a start we will wash up and we will dry eggplants and all other vegetables what it is necessary - we will clean. Let`s cut blue at first on plates 1 - 1,5 cm thick, then each plate - on long slices, and we will cut them in half across, so will eat more conveniently them in finished form. To salt eggplants, in 30 minutes to wash out and to wring out well.

While eggplants expire bitterness, it is possible to cut onions thinly. Insistently I advise to drench it with boiled water, will taste bitter in lump differently. Not that it will not be tasty, but the pleasure slightly will impair a little. To grate carrot for the Korean carrots, to cut paprika thin straws, tomatoes should be managed and cut straws, well or somehow so too. Small to chop greens.

To fry already wrung out eggplants, stirring slowly, about 10 minutes. To lay out in the capacity in which you are going to cook salad. To add there all other cut ingredients, onions, carrots, pepper and greens, to mix, squeeze out garlic, to add sugar (it is possible to replace with a honey spoon), it is a little salt, soy sauce, vinegar, a coriander and other seasonings.

To warm oil in a frying pan and to fry in it couple of cut bulbs to their softening. Any zazharok! To pull out onions a skimmer and where - nibud to put it, it is not necessary to us, and to water with the heated oil with onions aroma salad, to mix and put quickly in the refrigerator. Is it is possible through a couple of hours, but next day will be even more tasty. Also it is not forgotten to mix periodically our remarkable and tasty Korean salad.

is simple and tasty

Finally, one more elementary recipe with ingredients of any quantity. To cut eggplants bars, to salt and wring out when give bitterness. Then to boil them minutes five in the added some salt water and to cast away that all liquid flew down. Bitter pepper which amount depends on degree of sharpness and your taste to crush together with garlic and greens, to mix everything with eggplants and to water with soy sauce and vegetable oil a little. I also add sugar a little, but these are my personal shortcomings, and you as want.

On three small eggplants I usually take a small bitter red pepper and couple of garlic gloves. It turns out sharply, but sometimes so there is a wish for something ostrenky and sinenky! No, rather violet.

Enjoy a “ultra-violet“ season!