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When human life begins?

on July 7 - 8, 2015 in Moscow the International interdisciplinary symposium “Fundamental ideas of modern science of the beginning of human life“ took place. Organizers of action - the Center of pronatalistsky researches, Autonomous non-profit organization “The international festival of social technologies in protection of family values “FOR LIFE“. If the opinion of each woman changes in a positive side in relation to pregnancy with age, then the public opinion is not unambiguous.

The symposium became the first among planned on 2015 − 2016 of the actions devoted to scientific, legal, demographic, social, medical, ethical, humanitarian, religious and educational aspects of human life during the period from conception till the birth. Not deservedly not enough attention is paid to this major period of existence of a human body today. It is known that in some countries date of birth is date of conception when new life arises. Experts (about 300) discussed modern natural-science and humanitarian ideas of the initial stages of human life. Many questions are sounded: “The beginning of human life according to modern genetics and embryology“, “Development of the personality and consciousness of the child till the birth according to prenatal psychology“, “The pre-natal child from the point of view of a neonatology“, “The baby, a fruit, a germ, an embryo? the historian - the philological analysis of religious, ideological and scientific representations“, “The child till the birth from the point of view of sociology of age of the person“, “Definition of the concept “child“ of the international and domestic legislation, its legal status in historical prospect“. Organizers and participants of action consider as the main task the report to power and public structures extreme value of the above-named period when it is frequent from - for a variety of reasons new life breaks; when there is laying of mental and physical health of future person; when the parental consciousness is born; when future parents make the most crucial decision of the life; when there are future parents or on a number of the physician - the biological reasons both the child, and the woman does not appear remains fruitless. Quite often this period is blasphemously influenced by random factors. The special relation to the life period till the birth. formation to it permanent goodwill at parents and society - became the main subject of new action. Also sharply on a symposium the question of legitimacy of abortions was discussed. The research associate of department of embryology of MSU, the member of the commission on bioethics of MSU, the member of Association of orthodox scientists Alexander Yuryevich Molchanov expressed categorical opinion: “Abortion is an indicator of top of irresponsibility, an indicator of falling of morality of all society“. But cases when abortion it is impossible to avoid not only for health reasons the woman, but also on a condition of a fruit, and also for social and other reasons are known. The personal tragedy of the woman not always allows it to become full-fledged mother. As it is impossible to write off also material resources of future mother. It is difficult for lonely woman to present that the born child can appear on care of the state. How to decide on motherhood when it does not represent where to find funds for new life. Guarantees the woman has no therefore pregnancy is not always perceived as it would be desirable - the schastivy and pacified period. But on the other hand - only she can present this life therefore it is important to prepare it for this period consciously. Nothing is more valuable than life is not present, and new life is always happiness.

If the opinion of each woman changes in a positive side in relation to pregnancy with age, then the public opinion is not unambiguous. According to the chairman of Synod information department V. R. Legoyda, data of survey conducted in June, 2015 “Levada - the center demonstrate“: 35% of respondents agreed with opinion that abortions can be allowed only under certain circumstances. Another 3% of respondents consider that abortions have to be completely forbidden, 11% of respondents were at a loss with the answer. Other respondents support the practice existing now in Russia when abortions are carried out at the request of the woman. By data “Levada - the center“ in 1998 for the existing practice of free abortion 65% of respondents, and supported permission of interruption of pregnancy only under certain circumstances of 18%. That is now about a half of Russians who cannot call carrying out abortion at the choice of the woman the normal phenomenon refuse to support free abortion. It is nearly one and a half times more than people, than still about 20 years ago. “Available abortion which at us is still paid from the budget did not bring and will never bring happiness to society, as shows vicarial experience of Church, to the woman“, - V. R. Legoyda told. Among participants of a symposium there were representatives of the most different specialties. For example, Igor Vladislavovich Ponkin, the doctor of jurisprudence, professor of Institute of public service and management of the Russian academy of national economy and public service at the Russian President, professor of the Moscow state legal university of O. E. Kutafin (MGYuA), will read the report on the subject “Human Dignity and the Rights of the Child on Prenatal Development Stages“. Marion Dinan shared experience of Fund of Gerome Vivian (Paris) working with special children. Experience is useful, today special kids are in Russia under attention of society too that facilitates their life. The symposium gave the chance to experts to exchange opinions; brought up many questions, interest in which in society increases. We hope that the symposium will continue the work, and at the next meetings will share result of long-term multiprofessional team of experts.