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What inventions “grew“ from a joke and became reality?

it is accepted to Joke and be kidding on April 1 - in April Fools` Day. But it happens that sometimes in all seriousness there is sensational news in which at once and you will not understand, as to what., It seems, not the April Fools` Day and it is written quite adequately, without irony over readers. But all the same somehow it is not especially trusted and there is a wish to twist a finger at a temple.

Then, of course, it becomes clear that news nevertheless from the category of jokes. But later some time draw stops being that of - for emergence of that invention about which it was told in a joke. Examples are necessary? Here they. We will take for a reference point 2008. Let`s rummage on the Internet for that period. Aha, there is the first sensational message!

The Coda Development company developed the self-pumping-up car tires. The pulsing pump is for this purpose used. At pressure decline in the tire it joins automatically and pumps up air. As they say, all ingenious is simple. But skilled drivers understood at once that to the present full invention it was very far. Why? At different brands of cars different pressure in tires. Besides, even at the same car it differs depending on axes. The pulsing pump in each tire inside or outside? Then mounting will seriously become complicated. And besides all this how to support the set pressure on roads with various covering? Drivers with an experience, certainly, felt a dirty trick with “invention“.

However several years later the sensation receives a thorough reinforcement from the American firm “Goodyear“. Engineers applied the AMT technology (Air Maintenance Technology). The essence of the invention is that in the tire the small electric motor is mounted, energy for it is developed by a wheel during the movement. In the same place there is also pressure sensor. If it goes down, will join the electric pump and will pump up the tire. The invention is already brought to industrial use. However, only on some brands of cars.

And here the message on emergence of a raincoat - invisible beings (it was published in 2008 in many editions of the world too) quite initially “pulled“ on a trick. Though “bearded“, but skillfully written. According to the description left that the optical effect of reflection of the image, its refraction and rounding of a subject is applied to creation of invisibility (or bodies of the person). At the same time the raincoat accepts as if transparency. But the optical system shows not a subject and not the person, and what is further.

, It seems, clear. Though “is subtly twirled“. However experts - optics can tell that similar experiments are known long ago. The sensation thus in 2008 did not turn out. But several years later scientists from university of Singapore thought up the material doing the person to invisible. The raincoat is created from very thin vitreous special plates with an electronic stuffing. Plates cope in such a way that light bends around around a raincoat. Illusion of absence in a raincoat something is created.

At the good “brain“ level draw with transfer from studio on TVs of smells was founded in 2008 also. The announcer reported that there was a technology allowing in electronic form to transfer smells. In studio cut a bulb and suggested to call those who felt the going onions smell from the screen of the TV. Others called and told that from onions at them even tears began to flow. Here we have an example of auto-suggestion.

Americans proved later that the direction with smells from the TV was chosen truly, but demanded thorough completion. In California forces of scientists of local university created the small device consisting of ten thousand tiny tanks with aromatic liquids. The device is fixed on a back wall of the TV. Each tank is supplied with the warming-up element reacting on coded according to TV plot - a signal. At coincidence of a code in a signal and in several tanks aromatic liquids heat up, pass into smells.

Further away Japanese went, having developed chips of smells. They regulate concentration of smells from the flavoring liquids more quickly and “give“ them by means of fans directly from the screen or the monitor.

I believe, many “technical“ draws of 2015 next decade (or perhaps earlier) will not be perceived by a joke any more - the science does not stand still and actively develops.