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Whether porridge can be medicine? Personal experience

Porridge food - it is known by many, but medicine? Some readers will be surprised: porridge not tasty food and medicine for what?

For the first time I tasted porridge in 1995. Why remembered year?

Because porridge - medicine.

at the beginning of 90 - x in Armenia was years many problems with food and transport - we lived practically at total absence of fuel: gas, electricity. Prepared on the paraffin stove.

in the Morning, having hardly drunk coffee, I hurried for work, in advance being nervous that it is necessary to walk twelve stops. As a result I had a weight in a stomach.

Someone will tell: it was necessary to see a doctor. To ask for leave from work and to trudge on foot in policlinic I did not want. To lose work too. Remembered words of the colleague: porridge helps work zheludochno - an intestinal path, and decided to check. Bought a pack of oat flakes: “Oat-flakes“ demanding cooking, without knowing what it is better.

Began to make a breakfast in the morning.

- Porridge I am I will not be, - the father refused and mother joined it too.

Read on a pack how to prepare: filled in two tablespoons of oat flakes with water and cooked several minutes. Without knowing precisely how many to cook, disconnected a plate and put to herself in a soup plate.

the First impression - is not tasty. - Salt

and put a little oil, - the father advised.

Ya followed its advice and porridge became more tasty.

The food is a habit and therefore I decided to eat porridge in the mornings. In couple of days welded it on milk - so it was pleasant to me more.

Milk to our yard was brought by the countrywoman. Once, having made porridge, I did not begin to eat it.

- What is the matter? - was surprised the father.

- Milk was not pleasant to me. Porridge I am I will not become and I will throw out - you porridge do not want.

- You that? - the father was indignant, - as it is possible to throw out food? Give porridge to me.

- is tasty, - the father ate it with pleasure.

As milk still was, the father a couple of days more ate porridge with milk.

After a while I cooked porridge and for parents - now it is a habitual breakfast in our family.

Porridge we ate with different fruit and berries - in the summer and in the fall at us them enough. In the winter after New Year`s holidays to porridge there was everything that caught sight: raisin, nuts, dried fruits, jam.

They say that porridge is useful without salt, prepared on water, without additives.

is a myth! I salted porridge, added oil, prepared on milk and weight passed in a stomach imperceptibly - did not even understand when.

Since then I eat porridge because it is pleasant.

When with food it became better, in the winter I began to add the frozen berries to porridge.

In the winter porridge can be eaten with jam, tangerine or a kiwi.

Put everything that you want in ready porridge: any berries and fruit in any kind. Thus porridge will be every day a new dish and will not bother.

About porridge as medicine I remembered after a stroke. I had a weight in a stomach because in seven days in reanimation it was necessary to take medicine on a hungry stomach. Then weight in a stomach disappeared in a month. You will tell long - drugs would help at once. And how about load of kidneys? Or you think that drugs absolutely harmless? To cope with a stroke, I had to take a lot of different medicine. Why to add load of kidneys from - for other problems? And long because there is a lot of problems in my organism and it is impossible to cope in a day with all.

What oat flakes it is more useful?

Those which demand cooking. The it is longer necessary to cook, the better. Then porridge excellent assistant to intestines.

Everything that you want, add to already ready porridge. It is possible to add also a teaspoon of honey, but only after porridge slightly cools down.

In some programs I heard that does not matter what flakes.

They lie to please to producers!

Producers invent any innovations: quick-cooking cereal, with additives, aromas. In such porridge there is nothing useful. Such porridge cannot be medicine. Add everything that you want to porridge.

Its advantage in work of intestines will amplify if when cooking to add pumpkin. By the way, together with pumpkin porridge will help to cope also with a serious problem of intestines. Helped me within two months. (In we wash a stroke a problem.) to

Yes, be not surprised. Cut in cubes pumpkin. If pumpkin soft, add it to already ready porridge. If pumpkin rigid, and your teeth not in the best state, you cook pumpkin together with porridge. By the way: for bigger advantage to intestines you cook only two minutes - began to boil and you cook two more minutes to keep all necessary.

Porridge is useful even to cancer patients. When to the patient it is absolutely bad - he cannot chew and it is heavy to it to swallow, porridge necessary food for support of an organism. For such patients the following recipe: to put any berries in ready porridge and it is possible one teaspoon of honey. Without salt!

About salt. After a stroke I almost do not use salt therefore I feel taste of food better. Now I eat the porridge made on water without additives with pleasure. Everything, especially I recommend to the people who had a heart attack and a stroke - follow my example: exclude salt from food.

You remember: the food is a habit!

Get used to food without salt - you will only win because you learn at last true taste of products.

Porridge not only excellent breakfast, but also fine dinner. It is possible in ready porridge to put cottage cheese.

You bachelor: your refrigerator is empty also any cookings and berries?

Fall in love with yourself - having bought a pack of oat flakes, buy still something from what I listed here.

When my mother, having come from shop, says that she bought the last pack of “Oat-flakes“, I rejoice - means people began to understand what healthy food.