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Doors from the wood massif reckon the massif for production of wooden doors a lot of advantage

Doors from the wood massif reckon the massif for production of wooden doors a lot of advantage: from presentable and expensively to appearance to unique warmly - and the soundproofing qualities. Naturally, only skilled and reliable producers which will help to give to a product an exclusive look should order production of doors. But quality of a door is not only elite design.

Production of doors from the massif of a tree - very reasonable decision for those who appreciate a combination of quality, reliability and faultless appearance. The unique models of doors providing are made of the wood massif:

good warmly - and sound-proof parameters,



environmental friendliness.

In modern production are used massifs of various breeds of wood and, ordering of a door from a tree , it is necessary to understand what of grades will allow to embody more fully the decision of the designer and will be optimum in specific conditions of operation.

the Pine

Solid pine will become the good decision for arrangement of interroom doors. The pine is easily processed, modern methods of processing increase its resistance to humidity. However from - for the increased content of pitches material is not recommended to be used in rooms with the increased temperature or where sharp temperature differences are possible.

From the most important advantages of a pine note its advantage for an organism. Throughout a long time wood emits the essential oils exerting beneficial influence on immune and respiratory systems. Doors from a pine will become the excellent choice for nurseries, and also for the people having chronic bronchitis, asthma, an allergy and so forth.

the Oak traditionally use the Oak

for arrangement of expensive exclusive interiors. Elite doors from an oak possess excellent operational characteristics:



resistance to differences of humidity and temperature.

Uniqueness of an oak that over the years its durability only increases, and wood slightly darkens and gets very refined noble shade. Modern technologies allow to age artificially an oak that is very popular for interiors in a retro or classical style.

the Alder and a nut

These types of the massif have no the sufficient durability therefore they them are not done by entrance wooden doors. But both the alder, and a nut have very beautiful structure, easily give in to processing and are suitable for arrangement of interiors in any style.

As for operational characteristics, these like the massif:

will provide reliable warmly - and sound insulation,

are steady against humidity and to differences of temperatures,

long time is kept by esthetic qualities.

Massifs of an alder or a nut - the reasonable choice for customers with the average budget which the highest esthetic qualities and worthy operational characteristics of finished products are important.