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Than modern toothpaste will help?

Useful data which were possessed by the people using powders for toothbrushing for the lack of the last became unpopular. Today almost all use toothpaste: it is modern and it is convenient. But toothpaste of any producer can be applied not only to destination …

If to smear toothpaste a thin layer on the “itching“ place, it will turn out that she removes irritation from stings of insects, and also from cuts and blisters. The injuries of skin, though not really hazardous to health give big trouble, discomfort. Stings of insects scratch, more than once caused a tumor in my children. Damages will begin to live quicker if to apply therapy by toothpaste, having applied it on the damaged sites for the night.

Toothpaste helps not only to restore enamel on teeth, but also to clean nails on hands; they will become brilliant if to clean them a little a toothbrush with the toothpaste applied on it. And this method allows to clean nails not only from above, but also available sites of nails from a finger small pillow. With its help in several minutes eliminate caustic smells from hands and sites with not closed clothes of skin. Smells of garlic, fish, onions and some other products are capable to get into cells of skin of hands so deeply that even soap does not help.

It is possible to delete smells and from small bottles, and also ware with a narrow throat where “ruff“ will not get through. And in this sense - for cleaning of smells - toothpaste of any producer by efficiency of elimination of a problem can serve as analog of laundry detergent. This comparison is not casual because, besides, it practically deletes spots from clothes and even carpets of light tones and coloring. It is necessary to apply paste directly on a spot and to rub intensively the soiled place (it conveniently to make the same toothbrush) several minutes, then to wash out water and to check a condition of the polluted site on fabric. If necessary to repeat. In this method it is impossible to hold back restriction: use of the bleaching toothpaste for removal of spots from color clothes will change natural color of fabric, having bleached it. Toothpaste I recommend to rinse carpets and dense fabrics after influence water with any shampoo.

As for spots on carpets, it is necessary to apply toothpaste on a spot and to rub some time the place of pollution by a rigid brush. Then immediately rinse the place of pollution by water with shampoo.

It is possible to return “trade dress“ to the sneakers and gym shoes which were in the use, having bleached their white sole and (or) leather top. In the last considered case the leather covering of white color means. Spots on the walls painted in light tone can be removed from colored pencils and felt-tip pens by means of toothpaste too. It is convenient to make it by means of the piece of velvet fabric which is previously moistened in water on which toothpaste is squeezed out. Carefully rub toothpaste to the polluted places on walls until traces of felt-tip pens, ball and helium pens, “simple“ and colored pencils completely do not descend.

Toothpaste cleans to gloss silver and jewelry. For this purpose carefully rub toothpaste in ornament by means of a velvet rag and so leave for 10 - 12 hours. After this time the product is enough to be wiped with dry soft matter. The same method can be applied to diamond jewelry. And here so you should not clean pearls because it is possible to damage its “gentle“ surface.

Scratches about a compact - disks, the push-button keyboard (she is not only computer), the burned slightly surfaces from various metals (color and black) and, of course, a surface of irons - all this is cleared by toothpaste. As for the iron, in this subject there is a continuation. In many Russian families even in the 21st century irons clean in the old manner: the special cleaning pencil process a working surface of the iron. Then heat the iron and wipe a sole with dry fabric. However there is several alternative, and even simpler, ways of cleaning of a sole of the iron of dirt, fat, “a rusty raid“ of a scum and the “stuck“ melted fabric particles.

For maintenance in purity of a surface of the sole of the iron (anodized or from stainless steel) use natural wool. But also in this case the soft, slightly moistened in water rag with toothpaste perfectly will approach. It perfectly clears the case and handles of the iron. Remove from an iron surface toothpaste special cleaning wipes for care of the iron, or soft fabric - cotton. This way is much better than cleaning of steel surfaces Goya`s paste as the last incorporates abrasive substances and can damage a smooth surface.

Using toothpaste it is also convenient to prevent fogging of points (including points for swimming).

Various ways of use of toothpaste as the universal clearing remedy practically help to save not only time, but also the family budget.